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The Top 50 Hair Blogs

What's the "mane" idea behind our "Top Hair Blogs" article? To bring you the best-tressed in hair blogs around.  

Hair Thursday
Started as a forum for readers to post pictures and ask advice about what to do with their hair every Thursday, this site has been featured on "Nightline", "Rachael Ray," and in The New York Times and has a lengthy waiting list of readers hungry for hair help.

Hairriffic because: It's chock full of hair tips and product recommendations, plus you can sort by color, type, and length to find good photo examples of haircuts and styles ­-- maybe you'll find the perfect 'do for you!

Stylin' news:
Tune in for celebrity hair how-to's, like a tutorial on Gwyneth Paltrow's fishtail braids.

Premium Grade Hair
Dedicated to all the "product-guzzling, big-hair people in the world," Premium Grade Hair covers tips, tricks, trends, products and accessories especially for the big and curly crowd.

Hairriffic because: You'll get a pretty thorough sampling of some of the latest hair products on the market (they solicit products from vendors and write reviews), plus fun commentary on dos and don'ts from the site's contributors.

Stylin' news:
PGH recently added a dedicated blogger for all things related to African-American hair.

Hair's the Scoop
Blogger Lily Nima (a.k.a "Beauty Maverick") offers an insider's look at the best and worst in hair products, as well as celeb looks.

Hairriffic because: Since Nima has worked in the beauty industry doing product development, she's a great source for giving feedback on tried-and-true products.

Stylin' news: Trend or foe? Check out the fun polls for readers to sound off on what they think of celebrity looks. Plus, there are monthly giveaways for various beauty products.

The Hair and Makeup Blog
The Hair and Makeup Blog features articles on hair extensions, makeup, hair, and skin care. 

Hairriffic because: Especially for African-American women who like to wear their hair naturally, this blog offers some great tips and suggestions for taking care of those tresses.

Stylin' news: The "Guess Who's Wearing Hair Extensions" articles profile unexpected faux-tressed celebs, from Kate Gosselin to Katherine Heigl (and even dogs!) who wear extensions.

Curly gals will love this site devoted to their textured tresses. Created by two curly-haired friends, NaturallyCurly wants to help people embrace and make the most of their curls.

Hairriffic because: Did you know that not all curly hair is created equally? This site sports a curly hair classification system to help you learn more about your hair type and proper care techniques.

Stylin' news: "Miss Jessie's Grow-Out Challenge" provides support through blogs and a "Share Your Story" contest for women trying to grow their hair naturally.

Hair Talk
Black Voices' Hair Talk blog features topics like weaves, extensions, and celebrity transformations, especially for women of color.

Hairriffic because: You're guaranteed to find something you can relate to in this blog. Check out the "MyHairstory" section for great stories like "My First Perm, My Last Perm" and various treatments and haircuts gone bad. The reader commentary is also highly enjoyable.

Stylin' news: Hair Talk's hair politics section takes on issues like dealing with people who want to touch your hair, dealing with gray hair, and supporting sister soldiers serving overseas in the military.

HairMilk is a black hair care blog started by a full-time college student to document her journey toward natural hair from relaxed hair. You'll benefit from her lessons and tips along the way.

Hairriffic because: The "Hair Care Diary" covers everything you need to know while growing out your own hair, from transitioning hairstyles to product recommendations.

Stylin' news: Two interesting features include "Hair Recipes," at-home hair treatments featuring products you can find in the grocery store for getting rid of grays and dealing with dandruff and dry hair; and "Throwback Hair," which takes style icons of the past, like Billie Holiday and Diana Ross, and gives you tips for adapting their looks for to today.

The Story of a Princess and Her Hair
This pretty-in-pink blog was created by a mother and daughter team who enjoy creating hairstyles for special occasions, sports, dance recitals, cheerleading - you name it. It is mostly geared toward young (and young-at-heart) girls.

Hairriffic because: The blog has indexed more than 200 hairstyles to help you find a unique and fun style -- everything from complex braided 'dos to styles that use pretty ribbon to add flair. Each comes with instructions or a how-to video.

Stylin' news: The Princess and her mom recently released a book of 15 special hairstyles, available for purchase on the site. 

Girly Do Hairstyles
Another site with great ideas for unique hairstyles for young girls, from braids to "boofage," Girly Do gives you a variety of styles and step-by-step instructions for achieving each look.

Hairriffic because: A ponytail is never just a ponytail around these parts, especially when you learn how to dress it up with curls, bows, and braids. You can surf through the site by style category, like "Messy Buns" and "Corkscrew Curls."

Stylin' news: Check out the site's "Locks of Love" section for a listing recognizing readers who have donated to this charity with photo updates from the donors.

The Hairnista Chronicles
The Hairnista Chronicles is for "hair addicts, 'it girls' and believers that life is best lived with a fabulous head of hair." Readers' hairstyles run the gamut from natural, permed, "weavetastic, or wigging it up."

Hairriffic because: There are great features on "signature style," analyzing a celebrity or style icon and encouraging readers to embrace their own special look with a few simple rules, such as "Just say no to crazy trends."

Stylin' news: This year, Africa Miranda (the Hairnista) opened an online store stocked with many of the products she reviews on her site.

Hair On The Brain 
Hair on the Brain is full of fabulous reviews about celebs and more from hair-obsessed LA gal, Valerie. By giving us a variety of news on products and celebs alike, Hair on the Brain is a great resource.

Hairriffic because:
Not only do we get the latest hair trends of Hollywood’s elite, but we also see how-tos, men’s styles, bobs, and more for all different types of hair.

Stylin’ news:
Apparently some people use beer on their hair for clarifying purposes. Who knew?!

Hair Removal Products UK 
If shaving is not the best option for you, then you might want to look into other hair removal products, even if they’re being reported from the UK.

Hairriffic because:
It’s not just about the hair on your head. There are lots of spa and beauty treatments out there that cater to waxing, tweezing, and grooming. This blog does all of the above. And it goes a step further by catering to male readers, as well.

Stylin’ news:
A review of a new FDA-approved hair removal device gives readers and idea about what to look for in the latest technology.

Toxic Beauty Blog 
The Toxic Beauty Blog focuses on going green in all aspects of beauty, including your hair. This organic-loving blog takes us through so many new products that can help keep us beautiful, healthy, and one with the environment.

Hairriffic because:
We love to read about hair products and new trends, but Toxic Beauty Blog is great at finding the healthier solution and informing readers all about the latest news. It’s not just about trends here – it’s about a green beauty routine.

Stylin’ news:
Johnson & Johnson, our trusted tear-free shampoo maker for kids, is being sued because one of the ingredients in this very shampoo causes cancer. News indeed!
The HaiRazor
Ayana Antoine has always loved styling hair as early as her Barbie-loving days. With some celebrity hairstyles and even a little bit of fitness advice, The HaiRazor is a great source for news and hair trends.

Hairriffic because:
Ayana is a licensed cosmetologist, so you know you’re getting advice from a real expert.

Stylin’ news:
Will Smith’s nine-year-old daughter, Willow, recently released her first hip-hop song, entitled “Whip My Hair.”

Lock & Mane 
From dry hair to mustaches to celebrity bobs, Lock & Mane gives us lots of great tips on treating our hair with the love and care it really needs.

Hairriffic because:
Being “your mane resource” is a challenging undertaking, but this team has got it together with a variety of hair topics designed to keep you in the loop.

Stylin’ news:
End-of-summer tips on how to help your sun-fried hair get back to a healthy state are key as we enter a new season.

Hair Gurl

Since 2008, K.D. has been “making black hair care cool.” In an effort to naturalize her hair, K.D. started a blog to document her progress and show others just how easy caring for your hair can be.

Hairriffic because:
With product reviews and personal accounts, Hair Gurl is a great place to get inspired. She even has a section on her blog with great hair quotes by famous people.  

Stylin’ news:
Apparently the household kitchen spice cinnamon has the power to lighten your hair!

MyStyleBell is perfect for how-to videos, wedding hairstyles, and much more. 

Hairriffic because:
Their tagline is amazing: “We believe your hair is an accessory you wear everyday.”

Stylin’ news:
The pixie cut has become all the rage – it’s the latest hair trend.
Balding Blog 
Hair loss prevention is no joke, especially for those who feel they can’t control it. That’s what Balding Blog attempts to do – inform its readers of tactics and advice on how to take charge.  

Hairriffic because:
Balding Blog is maintained by a few different doctors, so it’s a great resource from people in the know.  

Stylin’ news:
Celebrities have baldness, too. Marc Jacobs just had hair transplant surgery and is opening up about how painful it was.  

Healthy Hair and Body
Healthy Hair and Body’s blogger started writing due to her love for her African-American hair. Here, she shares tips and her own thoughts on hair care and skin care.  

Hairriffic because:
What could be better than a hair-obsessed gal doing research and finding out more about something she loves for all of her readers?  

Stylin’ news:
There are great tips to styling fine and thinner hair types. Try them out!

Hairlicious Inc.

Creator Sunshyne started Hairlicious to track her hair growth progress and "share with my readers what works for my hair, what doesn't, and any valuable information that I may come across."

Hairriffic because: The "Naturalista Series" includes interviews with several women who are also transitioning to natural hair.

Stylin' news: There's a companion Hairlista Social Network that allows readers to mingle with other ladies who are interested in healthy hair care.

Journey Back to Me: A Natural Hair Affair
Journey Back to Me chronicles blogger Angela Michelle's path to discovering her "roots" during her transition to natural hair.

Hairriffic because: Angela Michelle offers some interesting insight into the political and cultural aspects of "going natural."

Stylin' news: While you're here, check out the Natural Me Skin Care Challenge on the blog as well, which involves swapping in more natural products into a skin care regimen.

Happy Girl Hair 
This blog, with the tagline "Tight curls and deep thoughts," is primarily geared toward caring for young African-American girls' hair, covering the ins and outs of washing and styling.

Hairriffic because: You can find great tips on hair care for infants, toddlers, and older kids. Popular topics include information about co-washing, hair on a budget, and detangling.

Stylin' news: Many Happy Girl Hair readers are adoptive moms - tune in to find out what to bring for hair care when traveling to be united with an adopted child from overseas.

Curly Nikki
Who's Curly Nikki? She's a licensed psychotherapist by day, natural hair guru by night who aspires "to provide balance between physical beauty and personal esteem in a way that defies societal norms - the Dr. Phil of natural hair."

Hairriffic because: Curly Nikki's approach to natural hair isn't about making a political statement or going back to nature; she just looks at it as "one part of a fabulous, healthier lifestyle." Visit the "On the Couch" section for interviews with celebs and other folks committed to beautiful, natural locks.

Stylin' news: Check out the "Henna for Hair" section for tips on this natural dye method.
The blogs over at TheHairStyler cover the gamut of hairstyles, celebrities, beauty, and offbeat reads.

Hairriffic because: There's a weekly update on the latest hairstyles so you can keep up with the latest trends. You can also check out men's, formal, and alternative styles.

Stylin' news: With a site membership, you can try out the Virtual Hairstyler, which allows you to test drive thousands of hairstyles and colors.

Adopt a 'Do

Adopt a 'Do is chock-full of cute styles for girls.

Hairriffic because: Each style comes with photos, instructions, required tools, and the estimated time it takes to accomplish the looks. There are styles for major holidays, including 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day, and Valentine's Day, plus styles appropriate for girls with short hair.

Stylin' news: Check out the "Daddy Dos" for styles that are easy for dads to create. was founded by Karen Marie Shelton, a woman obsessed with "all things hair." Shelton writes a monthly hair advice column and wears her own hair several inches below her waist.

Hairriffic because: The HairBoutique blog goes beyond hair and also covers celebrity and news topics, skin care, and many other subjects.

Stylin' news: Great news for long hair devotees -- Shelton covers this topic frequently and gives tips on techniques like "plopping."  

The Hairstyle Blog
Barb Quinn's Hairstyle Blog is "dedicated to helping women achieve and enjoy looking their best." The blog is updated daily with tips and tricks for achieving the latest styles.

Hairriffic because: Barb frequently answers questions from readers, like "What hair color can I wear?" and "How do I lighten my hair color at home?"

Stylin' news: There's a great section on hairstylist relations - from "How to Become a Hairdresser to "How to Break Up with your Hairstylist."

The Modern Scoop Beauty Blog
The Modern Scoop is especially designed for professional cosmetologists who want to stay current on industry news and hair trends.

Hairriffic because: If you're a hair professional, this blog definitely needs to be on your list of e-mail subscriptions. Read about upcoming seminars, tips for helping clients achieve their best looks, step-by-step style instructions, and more.

Stylin' news: Check out the podcasts and videos on the site for even more useful content, including the Business Builders Podcast.

Short Hair Style
Attention shorties -- this blog has your back (and your bangs). It's all about helping you to figure out your next haircut and how to manage it.

Hairriffic because: According to Short Hair Style, choosing the right cut is "part technique and part art." Click through one section to help you choose the right cut, then browse the gallery for a glimpse of various styles to help complement your look.

Stylin' news: Thinking about a wig? Check out the section dedicated to helping you find the right wig for you.

My Stylist, Kristy
Minnesotan Kristy Hopkins is the mastermind behind My Stylist, Kristy. She's known for detailed razor cuts and custom colors and shares her offbeat insights and personal musings through this blog.

Hairriffic because: Kristy's unique style comes through her blog and gives people who are seeking offbeat styles some inspiration for achieving cool looks.

Stylin' news: If you're in the market for a new look, you can e-mail a recent pic to Kristy and she'll do a cyber consult for you.

My Hair Sistas Inc.
This site includes a blog and a forum for swapping stories and tips on African-American hair care.

Hairriffic because: This site embraces women with Afro and curly hair textures, helping them get started on a basic regimen by choosing the right products for their hair type.

Stylin' news: Being a member of the forum gains you access to videos and features that help you in your quest for healthy, beautiful hair.


You'll find mostly photos of celebrity hairstyles on this site, with many that track a celeb's evolving style, so you can judge for yourself which styles look best.

Hairriffic because: If you've got a wedding or another special event coming up, head here for some style inspiration.

Stylin' news: Some of the romantic hairstyles in the wedding gallery are definitely worth a look for your own big day.

Christie Walker Hair
Christie Walker is a California stylist who shares her passion for hair through her blog.

Hairriffic because: Read her commentary on the latest celebrity styles, like Lady Gaga's hair bows and celebrity ponytails.

Stylin' news: Walker is a Los Angeles Laker fan and recently featured some of the more colorful basketball player 'dos in an article.

Afroniquely You
Another blog dedicated to natural hair, Afroniquely You is about letting people know about the beauty of textured hair.

Hairriffic because: There's a great section for people who are just starting out on their journey toward going natural, with 10 tips for beginners and a rundown of techniques, styles, oils, and mixes and more.

Stylin' news: There's a "Did You Know?" section filled with tips on using natural products.

Vanity Hair Extensions
Vanity Hair Extensions gives the lowdown on getting extensions and how to choose from among the different kinds of extensions.

Hairriffic because: If you're new to extensions, it can be a little intimidating to figure out how to get started. This blog features articles on how to attach extensions, and the pros and cons when it comes to choosing human or synthetic hair.

Stylin' news: Did you know men can wear extensions, too? Apparently more men are adding in strands to the top of their heads to give their hair more density and versatility.

How's My Hair?

How's My Hair? is described as "one woman's crazy quest to find the best products and style."

Hairriffic because: You'll find products, products, and more products on this site. Read up on some of the latest shampoos and styling aids and try out a few for yourself.

Stylin' news: Curious about co-washing and low- or no-'poo? (That's "shampoo" for the cool kids). This blogger has the inside scoop on those techniques to avoid dry, frizzy hair.

My Hair Divine
Connect with other ladies through My Hair Divine, which includes information about hairstyles, textures, and hair care for women of color.

Hairriffic because: This site doesn't align itself solely with either the relaxed or natural hair camps, but aims for women to educate themselves on how to achieve healthy hair regardless of their hair category.

Stylin' news: Read these outspoken bloggers, then sound off on your opinion of celebrities who are shaving their heads or Janet Jackson's short 'do.

My Dreadlocks
This hair site is solely dedicated to growing and maintaining a head full of 'locks ("nothing dreadful about them," says the site's creator).

Hairriffic because: Read about the blogger's journey to hair 'locking, ask your burning questions about how to maintain this natural style, and check out photos of lovely 'locks.

Stylin' news: If you don't have the time to care for your dreadlocks, consider enlisting the services of a "loctician" (a person who specializes in dreadlocks).
From celebrity styles to weddings and proms, the looks here are fancy and sophisticated. Learn how to do them yourself or bring an idea or two to your stylist.

Hairriffic because: You'll find great examples of styles for special occasions, including those for women with short hair.

Stylin' news: The curly low ponytail (as seen on celebrities on the red carpet) is apparently making waves as a simple yet elegant style appropriate for even black-tie occasions.
Provides cross sampling of hair topics, like information on highlights, itchy scalp, and home remedies.

Hairriffic because: Useful tips on how to survive a bad hair day and how to adapt some popular celebrity styles to your own locks.

Stylin' news: One of the most popular articles on the site is "Hairstyles to Suit Your Face Shape.  

Emerson Salon
Based in Seattle, Emerson Salon's stylists offer their tips and tricks on this blog.

Hairriffic because: Get some style inspiration or the lowdown on up 'dos you can do at home.

Stylin' news: For men only -- check out the "Facial Hair" category for lots of great info on grooming your beard and 'stache.

According to the site, StyleBell "uncovers the scoop on all things hair and more" by decoding complicated hair tech jargon and recreating celebrity styles at home.

Hairriffic because: This blog covers cutting edge techniques, like Japanese straightening and hair trends directly from runway shows.

Stylin' news: If you've got frizzy hair, check out some of the remedies recommended by MyStyleBell, such as vinegar and honey.

The Hair Stylist Blog
Much like the name implies, The Hair Stylist Blog provides a fashion education for hairstylists - keep your salon current with trends and industry news here.

Hairriffic because: The Color Formula of the Week mixes up some special new hues to cut down on your guesswork.

Stylin' news: Want to put a beach wave in your hair? There's a step-by-step article on how you can achieve the look, even if you don't have access to sand and waves.

The Anti Hair Slave
This blog was started by a woman who refused to be a slave to her hair but didn't want to be discouraged on her quest for healthy hair. The Anti Hair Slave is her hair diary to help her achieve longer, healthier hair "without being overly obsessive."

Hairriffic because: Seems like a great place for people who have other priorities in life besides their hair. The "Lifestyle Leak" articles are fun to read, with recommendations for books, restaurants, and vacations. Plus, the Anti Hair Slave features regular contests - you can't pass up a chance for free swag, right?

Stylin' news: Check out all the latest articles packed with tips on how to achieve some of the hottest celebrity hairstyles.

Black Girl With Long Hair
Devoted to the growing community of black, Latina, and multiracial women who wear their hair naturally, the Black Girl with Long Hair team discusses "everything from styling and upkeep to the social implications of going natural."

Hairriffic because: The blog is organized well and sports a really fun design. There are regular interviews with everyday people who want to celebrate "the dopeness of natural hair."

Stylin' news: There's a section with a growing listing of salons that have been tried and approved by blog readers.

Magic Hair
If you're a fan of wigs, you'll want to follow this blogger, who is constantly working on her hobby of creating wigs from scratch.

Hairriffic because: You'll be fascinated to see a wig artist at work when you check out some of the latest creations on the blog.

Stylin' news: Blog creator Dana Kathleen McElroy's book, Magic Hair: My Experiences with Lace Wigs recently hit the market.

Relaxed Hair Health
Relaxed Hair Health takes a holistic approach to health care, combining both traditional and nontraditional methods of caring for African-American hair.

Hairriffic because:  Great articles on deep-conditioning treatments, achieving stronger hair, stretching relaxer treatments, and more.

Stylin' news: Topical articles include tips on protecting your hair from the sun's rays and how to install a water filter to combat hard water.

Keep It Simple Sista
Keep It Simple Sista is a forum for women of color with more than 15,000 members. Check KISS for discussions, blogs, videos, and photos.

Hairriffic because: There are good tips on here for how to stretch a relaxer treatment and how to dye your hair naturally with black tea.

Stylin' news: KISS's video bar includes video blogs on some of the most popular hair care topics.

No Slippy Hair Clippy
Dedicated to "making the world prettier, one girl at a time," the makers of the No Slippy Hair Clippy started this blog to give some ideas about snazzing up a hairstyle with pretty accessories.

Hairriffic because: There's nothing cuter on a little girl than a pretty bow or hair clip, and you'll definitely find some cute ones here.

Stylin' news: The latest posts cover the best swimsuits for your body with suggestions for accessories, too.

Naturally Leslie
Naturally Leslie's blog is dedicated to hair, politics, culture, and society.

Hairriffic because: Natural hair devotees will love Leslie's updates on twists, henna color, Ayurvedic treatments, and product reviews.

Stylin' news: Did you know there are some foods that are better for your hair than others? Check the "Delicious Food" section for some tips.

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