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The Top 50 Makeup Blogs

For many, cosmetics are their lives! Make up isn't only a way to look good, but to feel good and thrive. From professional cosmetologists, makeup instructors, and makeup mavens, the bloggers that "make up" our Top Makeup blogs are beautiful in every way. 1. Makeup Bag Erika Valente is obsessed with makeup and not afraid to blog about it. Her site was chosen by Women's Wear Daily as one of the top 10 hottest beauty blogs and rightly so-this site has tons of info beauty products, including ones for guys. Beautiful Things: Valente's blogging advice has earned her a high honor in the beauty world-Zoya's "Erika," a sparkly pale pink shade, was named after her. Pretty Perks: Being the daughter of a beauty blogger has its perks: Valente's oldest daughter was prom-bound this season, and her makeup design was voted on by readers. Photos of her prom look help usher in teen readers, but the site is a must-read for women of all ages. 2. MusingsOfAMuse The editor of this site, known simply as "The Muse," is a self-professed "cosmetics junkie" with numerous daily postings to prove it. Beautiful Things: The site runs the gamut of beauty products, from those that you can find at the local drugstore to those that you'll need a passport to locate. Pretty Perks: Ever read a great blog post but can't find it again later? Thanks to the copious categories on the site, you can simply click on a link and find past posts on a wide variety of products. 3. MakeupAndBeautyBlog Karen, the brains behind this beauty blog, is a freelance writer with a penchant for cosmetics, which means you'll find posts that are as informative as they are well written. Beautiful Things: The site's "Drugstore Beauty Finds" section is a great way to stay stylish on a budget. Pretty Perks: Karen admits that her fave brand is MAC, but she covers other beauty products with much enthusiasm. 4. TalkingMakeup Marta Walsh is the creator of and has lived an interesting life, including growing up in Israel and a stint on Wall Street working for Mark Madoff-yes, that Madoff. Now she blogs about makeup and we're happy to have her. Beautiful Things: The site links to numerous makeup application tutorials, so if you see a look you like, you can learn how to achieve it at home. Pretty Perks: You can read Walsh's interviews with top celebrity stylists and even a few celebrities themselves, like model and actress Molly Sims. 5. Temptalia Blogger Christine Mielke coined the word "temptalia" back when she was a beauty-obsessed teen; it refers to a "perfect" woman who is "smart, sexy, confident, and totally amazing." Beautiful Things: The site is full of informative reviews and tutorials, so you'll know not just what to buy, but how to apply it. Plus, more often than not, the photos are of Mielke herself, proving that she's willing to be the guinea pig for the sake of beauty. Pretty Perks: This is a good place to go if you're looking to try different colors to brighten up your look; for example, there's a post on finding the perfect purple lipstick, rather than the more traditional red or pink lip hues. 6. AnIndiansMakeupMusings A blogger who goes simply by the name Indian Girl looks to share her beauty findings, like how to layer nail polish colors for maximum glam. Beautiful Things: Indian Girl seems to be a fan of pretty eyes, as she's got many posts and video tutorials that feature eye shadow application and brow grooming-no complaints on her choice of topics here. Pretty Perks: Each day, you'll get posts not only about beauty products, but on just about anything that tickles Indian Girl's fancy, including a video of a two-year-old singing a Justin Bieber song. 7. TheMakeUpGirl The Makeup Girl is Lianne Farbes, a beauty professional with more than 20 years of experience. When she blogs, people read, whether she's talking about the latest products or some oldies but goodies (like Bonne Bell lip gloss!) Beautiful Things: A quick glance at the Popular Posts lists shows that Farbes loves to dish on celebrity looks, to the delight of her readers. Pretty Perks: The Drugstore Diva's suggestions make it easy for readers to locate and afford the hot looks featured on the site. 8. ElkeVonFreudenberg The name might be hard to remember, but celebrity makeup artist Elke Von Freudenberg's blog has plenty of beauty advice that you won't want to forget. Beautiful Things: Von Freudenberg's advice on everything from bronzer to lip gloss has value, but we like that she also links to other blogs and beauty news for other takes on tips and trends. Pretty Perks: While a perfectly groomed eyebrow isn't exactly the Holy Grail of beauty, Von Freudenberg does dedicate The Brow Blog to the quest of products and techniques to keep even the most unruly brows in check. 9. MakeupMole We like the intrigue of The Makeup Mole blog-when it comes to beauty, Christabel Draffin's insider point of view is key. Draffin might be first assistant to Kay Montano, but she is a makeup artist in her own right, complete with the red carpet and runway show credits to prove it. Beautiful Things: The tutorials on the site are quite mesmerizing-if you break down techniques step by step, they can actually be achieved by someone without a degree in cosmetology! Pretty Perks: The blog covers a wide variety of brands that can be found anywhere from the drugstore to luxe department stores, so there's a little something for everyone. 10. Cosmetic-Candy This sweet blog from the UK offers extensive content, including reviews, video tutorials, and contests. Beautiful Things: The Swatch Gallery is a great feature: you see photos of the cosmetic color, as well as a dab of it on the back of the blogger's hand, just as you would test it out in the store. Pretty Perks: Miss Cosmetic Candy often buys backups of her own cosmetics to the point that she sells the backlog on her blog. She's almost like a mini Sephora! 11. Kiss-and-Makeup Blogger Lydia is a makeup junkie, but don't mistake her love of cosmetics for being an "empty-headed Stepford wife." (Although those fembots did have flawless style.) Beautiful Things: Lydia is a fan of Sephora and goes there often, which is good for readers who don't have time to peruse the many aisles of that cosmetic heaven. Visit her blog on a regular basis and you'll know what to look for when you shop. Pretty Perks: Kiss and Makeup's blog might not have as many bells and whistles as some of the other beauty blogs, and that's just fine-Lydia's blog is clean, easy to navigate, and all about the products. 12. MissTified We love a good play on words, but more importantly, we love a beauty blog that runs the gamut of products. Fortunately, Miss Tified's blog is a combination of both. Pretty Perks: Miss Tified admits that she's not perfect when it comes to makeup, so her blog is as much of a discovery of cosmetics to her as it is to her readers. 13. MakeupForLife Makeup for Life is all about a beauty for life, but the product reviews on this blog help you decide before making a long-term commitment to that lipstick you've been eyeing. Beautiful Things: The tutorials on the site range from practical (concealing under eye circles) to pretty (mastering the dramatic cat's eye). Pretty Perks: The blog has a section on celebrity looks, but be sure you are on the "best" not the "worst" page before trying these looks at home. 14. KissAndMakeup Zara Rabinowicz, the brains behind Kiss and Makeup, looks far and wide in Beauty Land, blogging about everything from high-end cosmetics to Bumpits. Beautiful Things: The blog covers the gamut from the runway to the red carpet to every day looks, so chances are you'll be able to find some advice here. Pretty Perks: In a section of the blog called "Weird Beauty," we get to see Rabinowicz enjoy a fish pedicure in Thailand, where small Garra Rufa fish nibble away at dry skin on her little piggies. Better her than us. 15. TheMineralMakeup True to its name, this blog has everything you ever wanted to know about mineral makeup, but didn't know whom to ask. Beautiful Things: Mineral makeup looks so fresh and clean that it's hard not to want to buy every single product featured to capture a similar style. Pretty Perks: You can get by with just a few key items when it comes to mineral makeup, but if you are thinking of expanding your repertoire, this is the site to explore your options in eye makeup, bronzer, and more. 16. MissChieveous Julia a.k.a. "Miss Chieveous" is a freelance makeup artist with a day job. Lucky for us, she's got time to spend on creating a rather extensive site covering options literally from head to toe. Beautiful Things: There's tons of content on this site, but we're especially enamored with Julia's nails. We've added her "Perfect At-Home Manicure" tutorial to our to-watch list. Pretty Perks: Julia likes social media almost as much as she does cosmetics, so you can keep up with her on YouTube (she's got her own channel), Facebook, and Twitter. It's almost like having your own stylist-almost. 17. The Beauty Bloggerati Set up to look like newspaper columns, this site is really a collection of blogs offered by a team of beauty writers. Lots of content and a nice variety of topics can keep you reading for hours. Beautiful Things: Celebrities and they style feature big on this site, along with lovely photos of them. Even better? The bloggers get their inside secrets so you can mimic their looks. Pretty Perks: There's a cool makeover function on the site that allows you to upload your photo and have some real fun. 18. MyMakeupMania If you think you have an obsession with makeup, the name of Anastacia's blog should assure you that you are not alone in the world. Beautiful Things: No models were harmed in the writing of this blog; Anastacia is her own muse when it comes to trying out makeup, hair, and nail design. Pretty Perks: If you like nail design, this is the site to visit. Anastacia's nails might be short, but that doesn't stop her from whipping out some beautiful designs that you might just be tempted to try at home. 19. Makeup Beat Makeup Beat is the blog of David Frank Ray, a celebrated artist in the world of beauty and high fashion. Beautiful Things: Ray's blog posts are, unfortunately, uncategorized - so there's no way to search for specific makeup topics. But that's probably because the photo-saturated blog predominantly features national and international beauty magazine covers, classic photos, and modern and vintage cosmetic ads. Pretty Perks: The best posts are those that feature photos of models bedazzled in makeup and fashion conceptualized by Ray himself. A true artist, Ray is sparse on words and heavy on creative images. Makeup Beat is definitely the go-to blog for high-end visual inspiration. 20. The Gloss Menagerie Self-proclaimed "makeup junkie" Alyson Ben-Yehuda blogs about all things beauty. Beautiful Things: Obviously, makeup, skin care, hair, and fashion are heavily featured on The Gloss Menagerie. The California girl - and sometimes her boyfriend - writes in-depth reviews of a variety of beauty products, whether purchased from the local drugstore or provided by the company itself. Lookbook posts present the blogger's face-of-the-day pics, complete with step-by-step instructions on how to get the look. Pretty Perks: It's hard to list all the goodies on this prolific blog. From coupons and codes to contests and giveaways to bargain beauty items, The Gloss Menagerie is a fabulous find. 21. Beauty Thesis Canada-based "beauty-fiend" Nepenthe bills her blog as "the experimentation and exploration of a makeup addict." Beautiful Things: The blog features product reviews, tips and tricks, hauls, and more. Makeup mavens can search through categories such as eye shadow, lip gloss, and mascara, many of which are geared toward women of color. Pretty Perks: One of the best parts of Beauty Thesis is the "looks" category, where the author regularly posts gorgeous, daring face-of-the-day pics. She even creates videos demonstrating techniques such as how to press pigments, apply lipstick, and create an entire look. Beauty Thesis is a must-have resource for the online beauty community. 22. Confessions of a Make Up Addict Becky, a.k.a. Survinya, blogs from the U.K. about her makeup addiction. Beautiful Things: The blogger reviews a variety of cosmetic brands at a number of price points, with posts filed by product type as well as brand. Survinya also creates lots of daring (if not always wearable) looks, most of which emphasize colorful, textured eye makeup. She labels her many face-of-the-days by color, which can be helpful if you're searching for a specific look. Pretty Perks: Though Confessions of a Make Up Addict boasts contests, giveaways, and oodles of tutorial videos, it's the devotion to mineral makeup that sets the blog apart. 23. Girl Gloss A spinoff of, Girl Gloss is authored by Carleen Pruess Coulter, an attorney and freelance writer, and devoted to all things lipstick, gloss, and balm. Beautiful Things: From lip tint and stains to long-wearing and moisturizing lipstick, this professional blog boasts complete lip coverage. Posts are categorized by balm, collections, lip base, natural/organic, palettes, plumpers, and many, many more. Pretty Perks: A member of the Beauty Blog Network, Girl Gloss has garnered plenty of media attention, so keep an eye out for some (fully disclosed) advertorial and sponsored posts. But the single-minded focus of this professional blog certainly offers a lip-product addict's fix. 24. Makeup Geek Embrace your cosmetic addiction with professional makeup artist and YouTube guru Marlena Stell. Beautiful Things: A member of the Beauty Bloggerati, an elite group of beauty bloggers, Makeup Geek features tons of swatches, reviews, looks, and how-to videos that present tips for beginners and experts alike. Top-10 articles, a lively makeup forum, and a well-stocked store round out the site's many offerings. Pretty Perks: Though Makeup Geek has a lot of annoying video ads and pop-ups, the interactive, well-read blog dishes out professional advice that you can actually apply in your daily beauty regime. 25. Blinging Beauty Tracey Brown, a San Francisco Bay Area makeup artist, product expert, and 25-year veteran of the beauty industry, dedicates her blog to all beauty-product junkies. Beautiful Things: Blinging Beauty keeps readers in-the-know about hot-off-the-press products and info from the leaders, insiders, and unknowns in the beauty industry. Blog posts are filed under everything from eyeliner and budget beauty to Beyonc and Urban Decay. Pretty Perks: Product "blings" and "dings" are a fun feature of the site. Tracey also uses the blog to advertise her services for bridal makeup, personal shopping, special occasion and photography makeup, and personalized workshops. 26. The Makeup Snob Sara, the self-proclaimed "Makeup Snob" of the San Francisco Bay Area, blogs about her makeup hobby, passion, and addiction. Beautiful Things: The Makeup Snob is filled with new product information, comparisons, swatches, face-of-the-day photos and how-tos, and more. It also includes posts about skin, nail, and hair care, as well as monthly polls, e-mail update options, and personal thoughts of the day. Pretty Perks: Readers benefit from the blog's focus on finding products that are permanent, accessible, and inexpensive. Though Sara is fairly new to the blogging scene, she does offer contests and product giveaways. 27. Tips for Makeup and Beauty Tips for Makeup and Beauty contains product reviews, tips, and tricks from Valerie Lim, a freelance makeup artist in Malaysia with a passion for art and expressing herself. Beautiful Things: Blog categories include before-and-after steps and photos, home remedies, makeup makeovers, and more. The blogger's focus on the art of beauty also covers armpits, eyebrows, hair, nose, and nails. Pretty Perks: YouTube how-to videos share how the blogger does her makeup, which is usually simple and easy, though - as she notes - not necessarily in fashion. The site can be translated into a variety of languages, including Arabic, Russian, and Korean. 28. Clumps of Mascara Brittany Thomas doesn't profess to be a veteran makeup artist or junkie - she's branding herself as the voice for women who "ain't there yet" when it comes to makeup application and purchasing. Beautiful Things: In addition to how-tos, reviews, and lessons for newbies, Clumps of Mascara boasts the largest mascara review archive on the Internet. Brittany bases her posts on her personal experiences, successful or otherwise. Pretty Perks: Clumps of Mascara also features series for women of color, including myth-busting "But Black Women Can't" and "Brown and Blushin'" for tips on wearing blush and bronzer together. 29. Make Up to Model Citi Zen Make Up to Model Citi Zen is a blog by Jackie Cioffa, a celebrity makeup artist and former international fashion model who believes that beauty is more than a pretty face. Beautiful Things: The blog features product reviews, lots of photos, and some unconventional beauty insight. Labels include photo shoots, supermodels, celebrity artists, events, beauty trends, and more; unfortunately, the labels are only listed at the bottom of relevant posts, so the site is difficult to search. And the blog has only been updated twice in 2010. Pretty Perks: You'll find plenty of celebrity name-dropping here - after all, Jackie does work in the world of the rich and famous. 30. Jessica Jean Myers This is the blog of Jessica Jean Myers, a Canadian makeup artist reintegrating into the Toronto fashion scene after six months working abroad in Shanghai, China. Beautiful Things: Blog posts are micro-labeled in every category imaginable, including behind-the-scenes, product reviews, and photo shoots. Her shoots are fabulous, ranging from children's photos to high-end fashion lingerie and other sexy editorials. Sadly, the site offers no goodies or product giveaways. Pretty Perks: The most unique posts are the ones that offer personal ponderings and advice for new and aspiring makeup artists - mostly because Jessica's writing style is incredibly transparent and accessible. 31. Cosmetiholic This beauty blog by Leann Sabato is designed to satisfy your beauty addiction. Beautiful Things: Cosmetiholic features product reviews and beauty industry news from around the world. Posts are categorized by makeup, skin, nails, body, hands, feet, hair, and more, though the blog isn't as personal as it is informative about beauty in general. Pretty Perks: The blog features "Makeup Artist Mondays" as well as other posts with tips and tricks from makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians, including "Five Standout Beauty Tips for Spring," "Tricks of the Hair Trade that Your Hairdresser Won't Tell You," and "Beauty on a Budget." 32. Lipgloss Break Lipgloss Break documents the beauty findings of Angela, an Internet advertising and sales professional in Detroit, Michigan. Beautiful Things: Angela believes in researching before investing in beauty products, and she does the work for us. Unfortunately, blog labels can only be located beneath relevant posts, so you can't search for articles on a specific topic. And it's a little annoying that posts are filed by the day of the week instead of the date. Pretty Perks: Lipgloss Break features cool giveaways so readers can try new things for free and spread the word about the latest cosmetic brands and products. 33. Kandee Johnson Freelance makeup artist Kandee Johnson's blog is part beauty, part therapy. Beautiful Things: Kandee blogs about getting rid of under-eye circles, tweezing perfect eyebrows, and getting lips like Kim Kardashian, but she's especially motivated to share her heart and inspire women. In her deeply personal blog, she writes about experiences like a recent leg injury and a former abusive relationship, and she transforms her struggles into motivational entries like "How to Not Have a Broken Heart" and "How to Keep Your Dreams Alive." Pretty Perks: Kandee posts plenty of her makeup how-to videos from YouTube and she blogs a ton, so there's always new material to check out. 34. Bella Make Up Sarah is a "makeup-lovin' momma" who's passionateabout finding quality beauty products for herself and for her readers. Beautiful Things: Bella Make Up features photos, swatches, product reviews, blog sales, and more. But since posts aren't labeled, there's no way to find what you're looking for except to browse post titles by date. Pretty Perks: The goal of Bella Make Up is to help women find products that bring out the beauty that's already in them. Sarah also dishes about which products work and which ones don't, so women can spend their money wisely. The blog's popular YouTube videos feature how-tos and product reviews. 35. Frantastic Makeup Frantastic Makeup chronicles the life and times of Francine, a self-described makeup guru and beauty junkie. Beautiful Things: Francine believes that beauty comes from the heart and everything on the outside is for enhancement. The blog features swatches, bargains, mineral makeup, and eyeshadow-driven face-of-the-days; it also covers hair, nails, and skin care. There are also a bunch of beauty-enhancing tutorials and product comparisons and reviews on YouTube. Pretty Perks: Francine posts makeup sale and coupon info and divulges details of her personal weight loss goals and karaoke contest participation. She's always honest, writing exactly what's on her mind. 36. The Beauty Brains In this expert blog, a group of scientists cut through confusing cosmetic info and provide simple, unbiased, scientific explanations to readers' beauty questions. Beautiful Things: The Beauty Brains write about what the chemicals used in cosmetics really do, how products are tested, and what all the advertising means. You can search through oodles of categories, including acne, makeup remover, and sunless tanners, and find affordable products you really like. Pretty Perks: The Beauty Brains have no sales pitch and no products to sell - except for some humorous "Booty from The Beauty Brains" apparel. The blog also hosts an active forum with more than 4,000 users. 37. BeautifulMakeupSearch This long-running blog updates frequently, and reviews the latest beauty products, beauty news, and more. Affordability is emphasized - great for looking good in a tough economy. Beautiful Things: Before you splurge in the beauty aisles, check in - you'll often find online retailers offering beauty picks at steep discounts. Pretty Perks: The blog's Celeb Looks section features star-quality secrets for looking like you just stepped onto the Red Carpet. 38. Makeup Loves Me "Exploring the nexus of makeup, beauty, lifestyle and NYC" - that's the mission of this blog, and itdoes really go beyond basic product reviews. Beautiful Things: Product face-offs, real photos, and actual first-person stories really take readers behind the scenes of real women navigating the beauty industry. Pretty Perks: It was nice to see an actual video of the beauty editor trying out a product to give the site an even more authentic feel. 39. A Touch of Blusher This UK beauty blogger shines a spotlight on the latest in cosmetics lines, and if reviewed, she shares how they work (or don't work) for her. Beautiful Things: Beauty news from all over the world is fair game, and reviews include design elements and product packaging. Pretty Perks: Fragrance Friday is a fun, regular feature in which the blogger gives really description reviews of perfumes - we could almost smell them! 40. Spoiled Pretty Spoiled Pretty is like having a beauty editor for a best friend. The conversational and journalistic chops of blog creator and writer, Daneen Baird, come through in every post. Beautiful Things: How-tos with top makeup-artists offer a valuable service to readers, as do the fun contest alerts, product giveaway opportunities, and celebrity style coverage. Pretty Perks: The site itself is, well, pretty! A lovely but simple design make scrolling pleasing to the eyes. 41. Lipstick Powder N Paint Dubbed "the urban girl's guide to all things beauty-ful," this blog has a nice mix of product picks, expert tips and interviews, and first-person experiences from a team of writers. Beautiful Things: The blog reads more like an online women'smagazine including fashion coverage and personal care tips, and offers tons of interactive content in its video section. Pretty Perks: Don't miss out on the contests and "divine deals," which offer tons of fun and savings. 42. A Beautyfull Day Interspersed with great swatch and review snippets for various products are fun stories about the blogger's daily travels, as well as cute images and posts that'll make you smile. Beautiful Things: The overall vibe of the site is pleasant and positive -- a true lookin' good, feelin' good read. Pretty Perks: The super-fun photo gallery is a great visual way to browse through blogger Soo Jin's posts. 43. XSparkage: Confessions of a Makeup Junkie Written by professional makeup artist, you'll get lots of tutorials and how-to content on makeup application here. Beautiful Things: So many real (not publicity) images and videos bring the reviews to life, and give readers insight into the blogger's personal style. For instance, instead of just showing a dozen lipstick tubes, she shows how the shades look on her own lips. Pretty Perks: Beyond makeup, you'll get tips and product reviews on hair care products, nails, and more. 44. Addicted to Lipstick A frequently updated blog, which mainly posts about new products, including showing swatches of colors, occasional reviews, and some celebrity coverage. Beautiful Things: While many posts just list product names and the colors they come in, when the blogger includes her own photos and reviews, the blog comes to life. Pretty Perks: The blog's affiliation with other beauty writers brings in some fun guest posts on celebrity styles (and how to get 'em!). 45. The Informed Makeup Maven This blogger brings a background in makeup and industry knowledge to her posts, and isn't afraid to share her opinion on a variety of beauty topics. Beautiful Things: It's always nice to hear about the blogger behind the makeup rather than just what's in the package, so the best posts are the ones in which we get some insight into her travels and events, and see how certain products work with her skin type based on her reviews and photos. Pretty Perks: If you'd prefer to watch a review rather than read one, click into theYouTube channel, or the videos embedded in some of the posts for how-tos, tips, and more. 46. Peace. Love. Lipgloss. Written by a make-up artist and esthetician, there's more to this blog than product photos pulled from cosmetic company websites. We get to hear about makeup industry events and press trips, and see real photos of product swatches and applications. Beautiful Things: This blog offers a nice variety of regular features (like Monday Make-Up Must Haves and Fabulous Find Fridays) to keep readers coming back for the posts they love. Pretty Perks: We love the Brow Whisperer feature that shows before and after shots of some serious brow intervention. 47. Make-Up Junkie Follow the make-up junkie as she attends beauty events, girls night outs, and tries out new cosmetics. Beautiful Things: It's nice to see some indie products included among the big make-up bigwigs. Pretty Perks: Occasional contests offer fun beauty prizes, and "get the look" tips help readers look like their favorite celebrities. 48. I Heart Makeup It's nice to see a makeup blog with a multicultural spin, that being on Indian women. While I wish we could learn more about the blogger (there's no about us section), she's certainly up on international fashion and beauty trends. Beautiful Things: The Make-Up Trend features spotlights on top models and magazine cover girls, along with tips and product picks for how to get their looks. Pretty Perks: Occasional video features and how-tos break up the monotony of text-only posts. 49. Makeup by Ren Ren This talented freelance makeup artist shares some great before and after photos of her clients, many of them brides, as well as in-depth descriptions of her trying out new products. Beautiful Things: Definitely do click over to her YouTube channel to see her step-by-step makeup application techniques. Pretty Perks: Occasional giveaways and discount offers are just a couple of the extra perks you'll pick up on top of the free expert advice. 50. The Shades of U Although the blog is cosmetic collection heavy, there's a lot of learning and some good review material to be picked up between the product photos. Beautiful Things: The Tutorial tab offers the best bang for your blog reading. Step-by-step instructions and photos show readers how to get that smokey eye shadow look or Pretty Perks: Something you don't often see on a beauty blog - a post about products that are a waste of money! It's always good to get an honest opinion. Special Honors Cremitas Y Maquillajes This blog gets a special honorary mention, but since we aren't Spanish speaking natives here at SBS we can't provide an in-depth review. In Marie's own words: En Cremitas y Maquillajes encontrarn reviews de productos, propuestas de maquillaje, tendencias, novedades, consejitos y muchas cosas ms.
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