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Top Trends Capture Components of Spa Career Success

If you're interested in a spa career, you already know you'll need top-notch massage training. Magic hands aside, what are the components of a successful spa career? The International Spa Association recently identified research-driven spa industry trends, which, not surprisingly, provide insight into key components of spa career success.

Practice your people skills. - Modern spa-goers are eager to have a say in their spa experience, which means you'll need to be flexible and customer-service oriented to accommodate client preferences. Excellent interpersonal skills can help you tailor treatments to each individual, which will go a long way in securing repeat business.

Learn the art of teamwork. - Though spa career professionals may be seen as solo workers, treatments that use two or more therapists are on the rise. That means it's time to step outside your personal comfort zone and collaborate with colleagues to offer a group approach to wellness. Clients will benefit from your combined expertise.

Pursue medical spa training. - Medical spas are one of the fastest growing segments of the spa industry -- from 2003 to 2005, the medical spa industry reported a 69 percent average annual growth. And the American Massage Therapy Association found that 30 percent of Americans who receive massage therapy do so for medical reasons, which include injury recovery, pain reduction, headache control, and overall wellness. Obviously, the medical spa industry represents a tremendous market to tap into. Pursue medical spa training to determine if this niche of the wellness industry is right for you.

Consider the Y chromosome. - The spa is often seen as a women's world, but men actually comprise 31 percent of spa-goers. That's why the demand for products and services designed specifically with men in mind is at an all-time high. Learn to customize treatments for men as part of your spa career, and you'll secure a portion of the growing male market.

Don't forget about wellness. - More than one in 10 spa-goers treat the spa experience as part of their overall healthy lifestyle, not just for pampering purposes. In fact, in 2005, more than two million spa-goers took part in lifestyle classes, such as healthy cooking, achieving balance and managing stress, and customizing at-home spa experiences. In a society that's increasingly conscious of wellness issues, be sure to seek spa training that illuminates elements of a health lifestyle.

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