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How to Become a Makeup Artist for MAC

Ever walk by the department store makeup counter and get inspired by the beautiful makeovers being done? Are friends and relatives always asking you to do their makeup, or complimenting you on yours? If so, and if you've been secretly wanting to become a makeup artist for Mac, or other top cosmetics companies, than you'll need to take some formal makeup training courses.

Makeup schools teach more than just what the hottest eye shadow colors and lipstick shades are for this season. They teach the basics of skin care, skin types, application techniques, eye and brow shaping, and much more. Oftentimes, makeup courses are part of a larger cosmetology training program, that prepares students to become licensed cosmetologists. You can, however, opt to take single courses in various makeup application techniques, or general makeup courses.

If you want to become a makeup artist for MAC or other makeup companies, you should expect to have to first take a training course either through the company itself or at a recognized makeup school. You may also have to pass a basic makeup application exam to show that you know your stuff and are comfortable working on a client. Every company or salon has their own set of criteria, so be sure to do your research when applying for positions to make sure you will qualify for the job.

Working as a makeup artist for MAC provides a great opportunity to meet all types of clients, work in a fast-paced environment, and log lots of hours of practice, practice, practice. Often, makeup artists who work for cosmetics companies by day often make connections with satisfied clients, and end up taking on freelance work such as doing makeup for bridal parties or other events. Many makeup artists for MAC eventually go on to start their own professional makeup artist businesses thanks to all of the practice and exposure that working for a well-known brand provides.

When it comes to income potential, makeup artists tend to start out on the lower end of the spectrum, but don't discount the fact that there are limitless possibilities in terms of career growth. Just ask special effects makeup artists or celebrity makeup artist, or even those who work in high-end salons in big cities! Some people go to work for theatre companies, applying makeup for every performance, while others work with fashion show models or TV or movie talent.

Before you hit the big time, though, having "makeup artist for MAC" on your resume sure can't hurt if you plan to make makeup your career. Another thing that can set you apart is specializing in a particular technique, such as lash extensions or permanent makeup. Being a brow expert is also a hot skill to hone nowadays. Sometimes these specializations will require you to take additional courses to develop your expertise and talents further.

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