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How to Get a Barber License

The red-and-white barbershop pole is arguably one of the most recognizable symbols one can put on a storefront. But for most, their understanding of a barber's career stops there. For starters, a career in barbering, like almost all careers in the beauty and style industry, requires a license.

Barbering is the art of cutting hairall different lengths, styles, and colors. While barbering is usually associated with men's haircuts, it isn't as simple as that. It bears repeating that barbering is all about hairand that includes the stuff that grows on the face. While a woman might prefer to go to a hair stylist in a fancy salon to get her hair styled for a big event, a man wouldn't go to one to get his facial hair trimmed. Instead, he would search for the universal barber pole and walk in to get his face steamed and shaven and his beard, moustache, or goatee trimmed to perfection.

You can get a barber license as part of a larger beauty or cosmetology programin fact, some states require it. However, if cutting hair is your main interest, then perhaps getting a barber's license on its own is right for you. Barbering school might not take very long, but the amount of information one learns during that time is enough to start his or her career and then some. After all, barbering is a centuries-old career, and if you're willing to enter it, then you'd better be prepared to make your predecessors proud.

A person who has a barbering license has gone to school to learn about hairhow it grows and, most importantly, how to cut it. Earning a barber's license gives you the opportunity to work with many types of hair. The state in which your barber school is located will determine how many hours of classroom time and practice you will have to complete before you earn that coveted license, which will then allow you to work.

But a barber's license is only the start of your career. Like many other professional licenses, you will have to make sure that your license does not expire and that you take the necessary measures to renew it. Many people in the industry continue to take classes to advance their education, and many eventually teach. Still othersperhaps even your own barberalso get a basic education in business so that they can run their own successful barbershop. Whether you have aspirations to own your own business or simply work hard to build your clientele within a barbershop or a salon setting, it all starts with getting that license.

Barbering is a virtually recession-proof career. Women might choose to grow their hair long when times are lean but for most menunless you're a rock starit's just not an option. A trip to the barber is quick and easy for the client in the chair, but it takes lots of practice for the professional behind the chair to make that client happy each time they stop by the shop.

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