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How Much Education Is Needed to Be a Makeup Stylist?

Even if you own every product in the makeup aisle and can apply them all with the ease of a professional makeup artist, you need a license in makeup in order to truly be considered a professional makeup artist. The good news is that you can get through makeup school in less than a year and start your new career in the beauty industry in less time than you ever thought possible.

Models and celebrities might look flawless on the red carpet or the cover of fashion magazines, but even if they appear to be au naturel, chances are there was a makeup stylist hard at work behind the scenes.

Have you ever come across a shade of lipstick or eye shadow and thought to yourself, "No way"? When you become a makeup artist, however, you'll find that you have the talent to use EVERY color in your palette in some way. From accenting smoky eyes to creating that sought-after natural, dewy look, you'll learn to pull out all the stops for clients. At makeup school, you'll learn to create all types of faces, from the beautiful to the downright bizarre.

The length of your makeup school training depends heavily on what type of work you'd like to do. If you wish to be a makeup artist for brides and those who wish to look amazing for public events, then you can easily launch your career as a freelance makeup artist or as a valued employee at a spa or salon. But if you've ever watched a zombie movie or any other kind of crazy film needing special makeup effects and said, "Hey, I'd like to try that," then perhaps you'll be looking to extend your education by working on the sets of movies and television shows under the tutelage of a veteran makeup artist.

Another thing that's important to learn, but something that can't really be taught in any beauty school, is to be brave. The beauty and cosmetics industry is a very competitive field, and if you are looking to make your mark on it, you will have to be bold. Try new colors. Use new techniques. Get a reaction to your work. Not all makeup styles are beautifuljust check out the fashion runways to see the "ugly" aesthetic. But regardless of what you'd actually wear on your own face, use other faces as a palette for your imagination.

While experience is certainly your calling card for any opportunity you might encounter, educating yourself in the latest trends for cosmetics and skin care will also take you far. Your career as a professional makeup artist first starts with your beauty license, but the direction in which you take your career as a stylist is completely up to you. From blushing brides to red carpet galas to gory movie scenes, the opportunity to create your career will come directly out of your makeup bag.

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