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How Much Can You Make Doing Hair?

"When considering a career as a hair stylist, the question shouldn't be how much can you make doing hair, but where can you take your hair design career. Like any other education, beauty school is an investment in your future, and it's a necessary step toward obtaining your state license and passing any necessary exams. However, your beauty education is what you make of it, says celebrity hairstylist Nick Chavez, who also created his own international hair care product line sold on QVC, Nick Chavez Beverly Hills.

"Find a beauty school that works best for you," he advises. "It's important, but it's only as important as where your head is. Your program is only as good as you make it. It takes time and a small investment, but the rewards are great." What really determines how much you can make doing hair, takes place after you obtain your license, says Chavez. "Go assist the best hairstylist in town to get the best hands on training."

Learning from the best is only the start, says Chavez. Similarly, the art of hair design is only the foundation of building a successful and lucrative career. "Two of the most important things is to be business savvy in addition to having the passion for the art of doing hair," says Chavez. "Some people are better at running a business than being a hairdresser or vice versa. Find a balance with both to find your success."

Along those lines, keep in mind that being a hair stylist doesn't have to necessarily put you in a salon setting for the rest of your life. There are many directions a hair design or hair stylist career can go. The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to color or cut, or do both, says Chavez. "In school, you will learn what you're best at. There are many ways to use your hair talents," he says. Some of those opportunities include becoming an editorial stylist or work on the sets of movies. Others get to work on cruise ships or hotels or even freelance. Chavez took his career in an exciting direction by develop his own hair care line, while others design hair accessories or brushes.

If you're still wondering how much can you make doing hair, the answer to that is just as diverse as the number of opportunities you can pursue as a hair designer. For instance, says Chavez, a lot of your financial success may depend simply on where you live. "Someone is a small town might be able to charge as much as $15 for a hair cut, but in New York or Los Angeles the price can be from $100 and up."

Another key point is realizing that having a license doesn't entitle you to work in the best salon that's where hard work comes in! "A license does give you the opportunity to be an assistant and refine your techniques before they put you on the floor. In the beginning, you might be living off your tips, but it ultimately depends on how well you develop your skills, punctuality, and personality," says Chavez.

Your ability to listen to your clients will likely be one of the greatest factors in determining how much you can make doing hair. "It makes a big difference and having a little talent doesn't hurt either," says Chavez. His last bit of advice? "Leave your ego at the door."

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