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Beyond Beauty School: What Else You Need To Do In Order to Succeed

beauty school" src="" alt="succeeding in beauty school" width="300" height="199" />Life after beauty school If you find yourself wondering, "What now?" there are a few steps you can take to cultivate career success. After all, succeeding in a beauty career involves more than giving a great manicure or the ultimate massage.

Practice your people skills.
The key to success in the beauty industry is repeat customers that's where good interpersonal communication comes in. If you truly care about people and you love what you do, that will shine through. But if your people skills are lacking, it'll be tough to secure repeat business, no matter how good your technical skills. Try taking an interpersonal communication course, or even one in psychology. Succeeding in a beauty career requires working well with others and understanding their needs and desires, from the common to the quirky.

Prepare for interviews.
Unlike in other occupations, interviews for beauty and wellness jobs include a practical component. If you're a massage therapist, you'll be asked to give a massage. If you're a nail tech, you'll be required to do someone's nails. There's no bluffing your way through a job interview in the beauty industry you either have what it takes (and what a particular spa or salon is looking for), or you don't. If your interviewers offer feedback while you're doing your thing, incorporate their suggestions. Prove that you can tailor your services to the individual.

Pursue business training.
For many professionals in the beauty and wellness industry, entrepreneurship is essential for cultivating a long, satisfying career. You may not be thinking about self-employment now, but it's an important opportunity to consider when you're in the beauty biz for the long term. So if you didn't take business courses at beauty school, you'll need to take some now. Before you can start your own business, for example, you'll need to know how to write a business plan, develop office policies and procedures, manage inventory, and manage employees. Take a few marketing and management courses to help you get up to speed on the business side of the beauty industry.

Hold on to your mentors.
You may have finished beauty school, but don't make the mistake of leaving it behind. Your instructors and mentors can continue to serve as valuable resources throughout the duration of your career. Whether you're looking for a job or seeking qualified candidates for your very own salon, key relationships with industry professionals can help you fill any holes in your career. If you plan to open your own business, your mentors can see you through the ups and downs of salon management.

Update your technical skills.
Whether you've been out of beauty school for one year or 10, it's vital that you keep your skills sharp. Exchange services with other professionals in the industry and solicit feedback. Take continuing education courses to understand current science and learn the latest techniques. Read trade magazines, go to trade shows, and join trade organizations. Lifelong learning is an investment that pays personal and professional dividends for, well, a lifetime.

Are you ready for life after beauty school?

--Robyn Tellefsen

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