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Latest Trends in Beauty School Education

beauty school education" src="" alt="" width="300" height="200" />Beauty schools are not cutting back on their education efforts, but layering on additional programs and opportunities for students. You can get the most out of your beauty school career by seeing how beauty schools are addressing and educating students on the trends seen in salons and spas.

Marinello Schools of Beauty is growing its laser certification program, by adding it in 2011 to campuses in Utah. Laser hair reduction is one of the fastest growing esthetic procedures today, says Dr. Nagui Elyas, president and COO of Marinello Schools of Beauty. If you're seeking to be a skin care expert -- job growth is expected at 38 percent, by the way -- you'll want to consider getting additional knowledge and training in laser hair reduction.

Marinello's laser certification program -- part of the Master Esthetics program -- covers topics such as laser physiology and tissue interaction, safety, hair anatomy, and skin pathology. Licensed Laser Certified Master Estheticians work in doctors' offices and dermatological offices, laser centers, spas, and health and wellness centers.

Competitions and cozying up to cosmetology celebrities continues to be part of some beauty school programs. Students compete annually at Empire Education Group's Future Professional Expo, which this year offered networking opportunities with folks like master stylist Nick Arrojo, Bravo's "Sheer Genius" champions Brig Von Austen and Ben Mollin, magazine editors and other experts. This year's competition also had a first-ever Master Apprentice contest, with the winner landing a job with Arrojo at his New York City salon, Arrojo Studio.

Beauty school students these days are going retro. A student at The Aveda Institutes Florida writes in her blog that updated versions of the styles parents and grandparents wore "actually exhibit a lot of the best cosmetology school techniques paired with a little modern flair." It ranges from long and sleek hairstyles from the '70s to the bob to the 1940s pin-up look with bouffant-styled hair and red lipstick.

Schools aren't just focusing on hair and makeup, but some are going green, too. The Aveda Institute South Florida, in Davie, Fla., has been certified under the Green Globes ranking program. The program recognized the institute's commitment to recycling as well as use of solar hot water heaters and native landscaping that requires no watering. Tom Petrillo, a principal with The Salon People (The Aveda Institute South Florida's ownership company), tells the South Florida Business Journal: "Aveda is a brand known for its environmental emphasis, and this was a chance to show the community how to build green."

As you're searching for a beauty school program, look for schools that aren't trimming back but constantly updating their own style, with new programs and opportunities for students.

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