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The Perfect Pedicure and More

As a nail technician, you've no doubt witnessed the rise of the lunchtime beauty-seeking routine of pedicures firsthand. Since your goal is to enhance the experience of all your clients, how can you be sure you've paid proper attention to the customers who only come to you for a "quickie"?

First, even if their time is limited, be sure your clients are aware that there is a minimum amount of time they must spend in order to have a healthy and satisfying spa experience. After all, you need about 10 minutes in between clients for footbath disinfectants to do their job, so you can effectively do your job. Encourage your clients to be patient--the cleanliness of their footbath is a key component of a successful spa visit.

Next, as much as you may hate to turn clients away, you need to warn those with cuts, abrasions, bug bites, bruises, scabs, or poison ivy about the dangers of getting a pedicure with those conditions. As much as the footbaths are disinfected, tiny microorganisms can still enter broken or bruised skin and cause infection. In the same vein, be sure to ask clients if they shaved, waxed, or used hair removal creams in the 24 hours preceding their pedicure. If they have, they also need to be advised of the potential for infection.

To stay abreast of all the latest news and to-knows in pedicures and nail care in general, commit to continuing your nail technician education. Consider taking highly specialized technical courses in areas like medical pedicures, anti-aging treatments, and solution-oriented natural nail care based on biology and chemistry to stay ahead of your peers. Or just brush up your skills with a technical nail care workshop or two. Of course, check in with your state cosmetology board to make sure your nail technician license is up to date.

The good news is that consumers are becoming active participants in their spa experience -- even those who just come in for a quick fix. Now it's up to you to make sure your skills are polished to provide them with the perfect pedicure and a positive spa experience, and many more to follow.

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