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Top 10 Reasons to Go to Nail School

Nail SchoolSure, you've been doing nails since you were a kid. Perhaps you've even subscribed to nail magazines and watched some how-to videos on doing nails. But if you're embarking on a career in nails, there's just no substitute for formal nail education. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. Learn from licensed nail techs
At nail schools, you'll have the opportunity to learn from real, licensed nail technicians who have done nails for a living. There's no better resource than professionals who are in the exact place you hope to be one day.

2. Acquire diverse experience
Nail schools offer exposure to different instructors with different teaching styles. If you try to learn everything from one source, like a book or a DVD series, you won't amass the variety of experiences and techniques you'll need to make it as a nail technician.

3. Practice with a safety net
When you're working on the clinic floor, your instructors are there to guide you. In the "real world," you won't have anyone looking over your shoulder to make sure you're getting it right.

4. Snag free stuff
Manufacturer reps visit nail schools to give lessons and product demonstrations, so you'll be able to get firsthand experience with products before deciding which ones you want to use as a nail tech (and which ones you want to use on yourself!).

5. Build your network
Your nail school peers could end up being your future coworkers or business partners. Nail schools help you build your professional network so you don't have to start your career on your own.

6. Prepare for life as a nail tech
Nail schools that offer evening and weekend hours prepare you for night and weekend work - the bread and butter of a career in nails.

7. Ace the boards
In order to become a licensed nail technician, you'll need to pass your state board exams. Nail schools spend a good amount of time making sure you're fully prepared to pass with flying colors.

8. Get in and get out
Nail programs usually take less than nine months to complete, which means your nail education will not be an overwhelming commitment, nor will it be extremely expensive.

9. Secure career placement assistance
Most nail schools provide placement services before graduation, such as on-site informational interviews with local salon owners. It's much more difficult to make those kinds of connections on your own.

10. Launch a recession-proof career
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of nail technicians will increase by 28 percent - much faster than the average for all occupations - between 2006 and 2016. The best candidates to take advantage of those job openings are those who've excelled and made smart connections at nail schools.

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