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The ABCs of Beauty CEUs

beauty continuing education unitsYou've made the decision to attend beauty school and you've even earned your degree. Now what? Your beauty education doesn't just end when you put down your last pair of shears in the classroom -- it is an ongoing, daily learning experience. In order to keep up with the latest trends and technology, beauty school professionals may attend seminars and beauty conventions. But the best -- and sometimes required -- way is to take beauty continuing education units (CEUs).

What are Beauty CEUs?
Beauty CEUs do just what the name suggests: they continue a beauty professional's education and are very beneficial to anyone within a cosmetology or other beauty career. It is here that you are taught the latest techniques or news that can help you in your beauty career. State boards have safety guidelines and regulations, as well as tips to give your cosmetology clients the best possible service. They expect you to brush up on these skills in a certain amount of time. On average, state licensing boards require about 10 continuing education unit hours for beauty professionals. Yet, some may require more or less.

Beauty Continuing Education Unit Requirements
Depending on the state in which you are licensed, you may find that your local governing board will have varying requirements for beauty CEUs. The amount of hours required or the particular classes you need to attend will definitely differ, depending on your licensing state. However, all approved beauty CEUs will fulfill a beauty or cosmetology professional's requirements to renew their license so that they may continue practicing in their beauty career.

Where to Earn Your Beauty CEUs
Since beauty continuing education units are required by the state board, it is important to attend a location approved by the state in which you are licensed. In fact, your state board will have a website that explains all licensing requirements and may even have a list of approved places for you to complete your beauty CEUs. It is not meant to be a tough task to complete. Rather, you should learn from this experience in a somewhat convenient manner.

The classes you take to complete your beauty CEUs, which can vary in length, are often offered at local beauty colleges in a traditional classroom setting. Then, there are those approved programs offered to beauty students online to make it a bit easier to complete your beauty CEU requirements.

Beauty CEUs may be a requirement of a beauty career, but they are certainly beneficial to anyone who truly loves what they do and constantly aims to make their daily cosmetology profession better. Maintaining your cosmetology license is certainly necessary, but continuing your education in the fast-paced industry that is cosmetology is certainly worth it.

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