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Hair Design

In a down economy, it is important to look at careers that might be necessary no matter what. Such is the case with hair design. Not many people would cut their hair themselves, so it is an important career that will always be in demand. The more experience and training you have, the more likely you will be to get the best jobs within this beauty industry.

Hair design entails a great many things. It is included within cosmetology programs at beauty schools. When students go into hair design, they learn a variety of cutting techniques so that they can give clients what they actually desire. They also learn about history, applying color, and how to educate clients in proper grooming practices. Students in a cosmetology program may also learn about makeup application, skin care, nail techniques, and more. The option to specialize in hair design is also possible.

Hair design students get to apply what they've learned in the classroom by practicing - first on mannequins and eventually on real clients who come into the beauty school for their discounted cosmetology services. It is here where they get to hone their skills and really perfect their craft before they go out into the real world and begin on their careers in hair design.

Many students of hair design begin as hair stylists in a salon or spa and eventually move up to owning their very own salons. Through a hair design program at a beauty school, you get to network and meet many hair design industry professionals who you may one day get to work with again. 

Hair design programs are designed to be extremely flexible for students, as some may choose this as a second career. With many day, evening, and weekend classes available, students may work while they go to school. This gives hair design students a way of making money and paying for beauty school. Financial aid and even some scholarships are certainly available to those who need it and apply on time.

Once you've completed your hair design curriculum, you must become a licensed cosmetologist in order to practice as a full-time hair design stylist. The rules of licensing vary from state to state, but most require a cosmetology degree from an accredited beauty school, as well as successfully passing a state licensing exam. Once you have completed these steps you can obtain your cosmetology license and begin working as a hair design stylist.

With some hard work and the right curriculum, you can secure a career in hair design rather quickly. And with a supportive network at your beauty school, you will be armed with the tools to be successful in a necessary and continually healthy beauty industry.

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