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Beauty Academy

The popular musical Grease certainly put beauty schools on the map. The glitz and glamour of that memorable beauty school dropout scene may be somewhat misleading, as aspiring beauticians must work hard before they can execute the wild and crazy hairdos and makeup applications seen in movies or magazines. Yet if you have a genuine passion for helping people look their best either on special occasions, in theatrical performances, or just in day to day life, seek out the beauty academy that is right for you (and don’t become a “beauty school dropout” as that catchy song describes).

What to Expect at a Beauty Academy
Beauty academy is the first step on the journey to a successful career in cosmetology, and if you work hard and focus on your training, you can graduate from beauty school in two years or less. There’s a lot more on the curriculum than simply shampoo basics; many schools offer 20+ accredited programs of study, namely, barbering, nail technology, and waxing, according to Spa Beauty School.
From state to state, beauty academy programs vary. There are four different accrediting agencies that recognize particular beauty schools as well, so you can rest assured that wherever you land, beauty academy has been evaluated and approved for effective preparation of the next generation of beauticians.

Depending on the specialty you choose, you may need to complete anywhere from 300 to 1,600 hours of training post-graduation (check with the school to find out what is required for your desired area of focus), but rest assured that these hours will serve you well in developing a fan base. That is, devoted clientele who will follow you to the salon where you eventually gain employment.

Is Beauty Academy in Your Future?
Students at a beauty academy must work hard, both in academics and on-the-floor training, and take intense classes in technical subjects such as biology, chemistry, nutrition, and herbology. It’s not just about the hottest lipstick color or learning about the latest up-do techniques, although those aspects will be integrated in your training.  

If you know that a career as a beautician is the way to go, you must attend beauty academy to be a viable candidate for gainful employment and eventually advancement. Shampooers typically do not require formal training, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but if you want to be a cosmetologist, you must complete a program at a state-licensed school. While any type of training requires hard work, an array of exciting opportunities lie ahead at beauty academy. Even after graduation, many licensed cosmetologists seek continuing education opportunities to learn advanced styling or coloring techniques, or just to stay up-to-date on the latest beauty trends. Sales and marketing courses are also integral parts of well-rounded beauty academy training.
What are you waiting for? Find out about beauty academies in your area, and get on the fast track to a great career in a growing field.

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