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Beauty Careers

If you know you want to be in some aspect of the beauty business but can't decide which one to choose, keep in mind that you have a world of beauty careers open to you.

Beauty Careers: Cosmetology
Cosmetology schools are usually referred to as "beauty schools." Cosmetologist is one of the careers classified in the beauty careers segment. This beauty career gives students a comprehensive knowledge of hair and nails, as well as some skin care training. To enroll in cosmetology school, you must be at least 16 years old in most states. Some high schools allow seniors to dual enroll in cosmetology school while finishing their high school diploma requirements.

Normally, you can finish your education at a cosmetology school within a few months to a year. Financial aid is routinely available to those who qualify. You can expect to complete courses in: shampooing; cutting; hair styling; applying relaxers, highlights, lowlights, perms, and color; manicures; pedicures; applying acrylics, gels, wraps, and tips; facials; waxing and make-up application; chemistry, anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, and your state's health and safety rules and regulations. You will also be required to complete an apprenticeship in your school's beauty salon, or through an approved salon, as well as take the state licensure exam.

Beauty Careers: Barbering

This classification in the beauty career category is different from a cosmetologist career. Barbers are skilled at shampooing, cutting, and styling hair. As a barber out of barbering school, you will also develop the skills for shaving and trimming facial hair, fitting hairpieces, and offering scalp treatments. Some barbers even do some work on fingernails, as well as doing some advanced hair coloring, highlights, and permanents.

Beauty Careers: Aesthetician
This aspect of the beauty careers classification means you will be working with skin care. As a certified aesthetician, you consult with clients regarding their skin tone and condition, give facials and facial massages designed to help improve the look of the skin, as well as recommend products. Some aestheticians are also trained to do body wraps and remove facial hair and other unwanted body hair through laser treatments.

Beauty Careers: Make Up Artists
This category of beauty careers is different from all others. If you're seeking to primarily learn about make up and how to apply it, cosmetology school is not for you. While the study of skin care and make up is normally part of the curriculum at cosmetology school, this type of education is for people who primarily want to work on hair. To become a certified make up artist, you will need to find a make up artist school near you, or a respected home study program.

Salaries and Job Prospects Good in Beauty Careers
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook for the beauty careers industry is expected to grow faster than average in the next 10 years.

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