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Spring Break: A Critical Time to Review Educational Goals

Spring break for many high school seniors is a time to kick back and enjoy friends, travel and fun, but there's more to explore, say editors at and, two sites dedicated to holistic and massage/beauty/spa/wellness-related educational resources. During off-time, students-both traditional and nontraditional adult learners-should think about their future education, career goals, success options, and deadlines.

Whether one is a high school senior or a mid-career professional, the moment for debating what you want to do is always timely, explains Gina LaGuardia, editor-in-chief of The CollegeBound Network, which owns and, among numerous other Web sites. "Spring break is an opportune period to review prospective schools and universities that can give you the competitive edge in marketing yourself to future employers."

Whether you choose to become an entrepreneur in natural health care, or would like to work in innovative fields of massage therapy, spa/wellness, beauty, or other unique healing arts trades, now is prime time to plan for your future, LaGuardia adds, since summer and fall enrollment periods for such programs are at their peak.

Today, many complementary medicine and natural healing schools offer similar enrollment options, financial aid programs, and in-depth curriculums as traditional colleges and other career training schools. And, according to The CollegeBound Network's user data, massage therapy and related programs are attracting a flourishing number of students.

Key in pinpointing the right school in this area - or any discipline - is thoroughly exploring the campus, program offerings, and financial aid options, advises Anna Duvall, guidance counselor at Gilbert High School (Gilbert, SC) "We encourage underclassmen to visit colleges and schools during spring break to give them an idea of what schools offer. We also encourage seniors to contact the schools they'd like to attend and speak with financial aid officers to determine if there are any other available scholarship or financial aid programs to which they can apply."

Use Spring break off-time to act upon on educational pursuits and goals put on the backburner-even if that means getting out there into one's field of interest. "We encourage students to take the time to visit a local chiropractor and shadow a doctor to get a feel for the practice," says Mike Lynch, director of admissions at New York Chiropractic College (New York, NY). "The bottom line is to make sure you've done enough research to feel confident that you're going into the right career."

Similar to other alternative medicine colleges and universities, New York Chiropractic College offers an open house twice per year. And, while healing arts schools vary in enrollment processes, financial aid programs, and campus tours, spring breakers can take a time to explore NYCC and other prospective schools online via virtual tours and at information sites such as and

To find out more about exploring career training opportunities in natural health care and alternative medicine, visit and today.

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