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Cosmetologist Career

Children always have career games they play when they are young. Some are teachers; some are doctors. And some like to play with makeup and hair -- giving their Barbies extravagant up-dos and their dollies lovely makeup jobs. If you were that person, you may want to consider a cosmetologist career and pursue something for which you've always had a knack.

Cosmetology schools have been on the rise in recent years, which means they are probably more popular now than when you were a child playing dress up. That's great news for you because it is now easier than ever to pursue your cosmetologist career. With flexible schedules, opportunities for on-the-job experience, and exposure to a group of professionals who have worked in the beauty industry before, you have many options to get a solid start in your cosmetologist career.

What Careers Are Part of the Cosmetologist Field?
There are many beauty professionals who are part of the field of cosmetology. Hair designers, makeup artists, nail technicians, electrologists, and estheticians are all considered cosmetologists. This gives you many options when it comes to a cosmetologist career and earning your beauty school degree.

The Path to a Cosmetologist Career
In order to become a cosmetologist, you must first attend and successfully complete a beauty school program. It is in beauty school that you will learn a variety of necessary skills to use in your cosmetologist career. You'll also learn about many different jobs you can pursue in a cosmetologist career. For example, many cosmetologists work in salons and spas, but many choose cruise ships or movie sets to work as a cosmetologist. With specialities and additional schooling, those in a cosmetologist career can go after their dreams and eventually work where they want.

In Cosmetology School
When you enroll in a cosmetology program, you will take many different classes that will make you a well-rounded cosmetologist. Classes in color theory, history, and technique are common for those headed into a cosmetologist career. There are also many opportunities to apply your classroom knowledge to real-world situations with the salons that beauty schools have for their students to practice. While students may first practice on mannequins, they eventually move on to real people who come to them.

After Cosmetology School
To officially work in your cosmetologist career, you'll need to get licensed. There are a variety of rules when it comes to licensing and they vary from state to state. That is why it is important to check what your state requires. Most require a cosmetology degree and some type of test, as well as a fee. You will need to renew your license periodically to make sure it is up-to-date.

Those in a cosmetologist career are truly skilled and creative. They also enjoy helping make others feel good about themselves. If this sounds like you, then you should certainly look into a cosmetologist career today.

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