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Beauty College

If looking your best is important to you and you would like to help others do the same, consider attending beauty college. Perhaps you enjoy applying makeup, giving facials, creating stylish up do's, or eyebrow waxing. The good news is that you don't have to choose just one; if you attend beauty college, these are just a few of the many services you'll learn how to offer to your future clients. 

There is more good news if you are considering beauty college: according to the NACCAS 2007 Job Demand Survey, nearly 75 percent of salons with vacant positions could not find qualified applicants to fill them. In today's world of high unemployment rates, outsourcing, and job loss through the roof, this type of job security and occupational growth is a beautiful thing. 

While attending beauty college, develop your own philosophy and understanding of beauty and learn to cultivate those principles so that it shines through your work. This will set you apart in the field and give your work a personal touch, further securing your successful career in any aspect of cosmetology.  

What Beauty College Is All About 
"Grease" may have put beauty college on the map, but the glamorous world presented in those memorable scenes isslightly misleading. Students in beauty college must work hard before they can apply makeup like a Hollywood star. Beauty college attendees can expect a diverse, well-rounded and challenging program; students are required to take a number of academic courses, including classes in technical subjects such as biology, chemistry, nutrition, and herbology. Sales and marketing courses are essential for beauty college students too, whether they choose to run their own salon or work for a company. Finally, students receive fundamental on-the-floor training. It is a full course load to be sure, but if you are willing to put in the time and focus your efforts, you can finish beauty college in two years or less.  

Beauty college programs vary across the country, but wherever you go, four different accrediting agencies evaluate and approve beauty colleges to guarantee that graduates are well-prepared. According to Spa Beauty School writer, Robyn Tellefsen, many schools offer 20+ accredited programs of study, namely, barbering, nail technology and waxing. Based on the specialization you choose, you may need to complete anywhere from 300 to 1600 hours of training after graduation. It may sound daunting, but these hours are priceless in terms of helping you gain real-time experience and building your client base. 

If you desire a career in the fast-paced world of beauty, you must attend beauty college to make the cut. Beauty school graduates are in high demand; according to the NACCAS 2007 Job Demand Survey, national average salaries (excluding tips), are $38,843 for cosmetologists, $46,402 for hair colorists, $33,148 for nail technicians, and $40,126 for estheticians.  

Do something beautiful for your future and check out beauty colleges near you.

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