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Cosmetology Jobs

"Cosmetology" by definition refers to the cosmetic treatment of skin, hair, and nails, according to the French roots of the word. If you enjoy helping others love the skin, hair and nails they're in, consider a career as a cosmetologist. There are a number of exciting opportunities available for those who take the plunge and become a trained cosmetologist. Just as the opportunities abound, the settings in which you might fulfill one of these glamorous avenues are also numerous. You don't have to pick just one!   

What are some examples of exciting cosmetologist jobs, you ask? Let the list begin: color stylist, hair stylist, nail technician, salon manager, salon consultant, retail specialist, esthetician, industry journalist, makeup artist, platform artist, spa director, and many more. Where might you find yourself reporting to work on a daily basis if you chose one of these cosmetologist jobs?  The majority of cosmetologists can be found in beauty salons or barbershops, but they also work in nail salons, drug and cosmetic stores, nursing homes or other residential care communities, or day and resort spas.  

How to Get an Exciting Cosmetologist Job
Variety is what keeps the field of cosmetology vibrant and exciting for those who want to make their mark in the cosmetology workplace. And the workplace is calling for new talent: according to the NACCAS 2007 Job Demand Survey, nearly 75% of salons with vacant positions could not find qualified applicants to fill them. This type of job security and occupational growth is a beautiful thing in today's world of high unemployment rates, outsourcing, and ongoing job losses.  

If you want to be that qualified applicant filling an open position in the salon near you, know that all states mandate a license to practice cosmetology (shampooers or makeup artists are the only exceptions to this rule). To be eligible for licensure, cosmetic school applicants must be at least 16 years old, possess a high school diploma (or GED), and have graduated from an accredited cosmetology school. Typically, licensing exams are in written form but may also include an oral exam or a hands-on test demonstrating their styling skills.  

Once you're licensed and ready to get that exciting new cosmetologist job, know that the prospects are good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a slightly faster than average growth rate for cosmetologists, with a favorable projection for opportunities in entry level positions. You should also remember that most cosmetologist jobs involve evening and weekend work, as these are the hours of greatest activity in most salons.  

According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cosmetologists make about $7.47/per hour on the low end and $20.41/per hour on the high end (annual wages fall between $15,530 and $42,460). While salaries for manicurists and pedicurists are comparable, shampooers make slightly less.  

So whether it's pedicures, up-do's, facials or head-to-toe makeovers that really inspires you, there is a cosmetologist job waiting. Find a school, get your license, and get to work!

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