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Hair Removal Schools

If you have a good eye for spotting unwanted hair, you might be a good candidate for entrance into one of the many hair removal schools in the country.

Hair removal schools teach students how to use lasers to remove unwanted hair from the body. This unwanted hair could be on the face, chin, neck, back, arms or legs. Hair removal schools are one of the hottest higher education training facilities in the country, as more people are paying attention to their personal appearance.

If you're seeking to enroll in one of the many hair removal schools in the country, you should look for a school that has been in operation for a while, is accredited by the cosmetology board in your state, as well as having accreditation for providing continuing education.

Once you graduate from one of the accredited hair removal schools, you will be eligible to embark on an exciting career as a hair removal specialist. In 2006, more than 1.5 people in the United States sought permanent hair removal from a professional who had taken courses from hair removal schools.

What Should I Expect by Taking Courses from One of the Hair Removal Schools?

It depends on your current level of education. You might be a licensed cosmetologist who is going back to take courses in one of the hair removal schools to improve your skin conditioning skills and give you a leg up at finding a job at a salon or medical facility such as a doctor's office. You may also be in the nursing field, seeking one of the hair removal schools to help develop more skills if you're working for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You also may be a licensed aesthetician who is seeking to gain more skills for your career.

Whatever your motive for seeking one of the hair removal schools, you can expect to take an overview didactic course, which will provide the basics of laser hair removal to using the laser safely. This course may take up to 40 hours of study.

Once you've completed the basic didactic course in one of the country's hair removal schools, you will be required to complete a course specializing in hair removal. This course could require up to 40 hours of instruction, with 24 hours of clinical obseravations and treatments. This course could include laser biophysics, tissue interaction, device terminology, safety precautions and laser safety officer certification.

If you're attending one of the hair removal schools for continuing education, depending on your needs, they could tailor a program for you that would cover one day of training, up to one week of training. Financial aid might be available, depending on a student's need.

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