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Certified Chiropractic Assistant

Do you have a love of people and want to help people who are suffering from pain? Do you also possess administrative skills and possibly management skills and can you handle the responsibilities of bookkeeping, managing appointments, answering phones and possibly handling some duties of marketing? Then you might be a candidate to become a certified chiropractic assistant.

Certified chiropractic assistants help chiropractors seat their patients, and possibly take vital signs, place patients on specialized equipment to prepare them for their chiropractic care and often times, handle the administrative functions in the office.

Chiropractic medicine deals with the principle that spinal joint misalignments interfere with the nervous system. Chiropractors believe this misalignment can result in lower resistance to disease, as well as other conditions of diminished health. While many of the alignments and manipulations of the musculoskeletal system take place around the spine area, that isn't the only place on the body in which a chiropractor works. Doctors of chiropractic seek to get to the source of the pain and treat it, rather than just relieving the symptoms of the pain or other health issues caused by the misalignment.

How Do you Become a Certified Chiropractic Assistant?
There are trade schools and community colleges that offer certification that will lead to your career as a certified chiropractic assistant. First, you will most likely need to have a GED or high school diploma before enrolling in a certified chiropractic assistant program. Financial aid will most likely be available, based on the needs of the student. You can choose to attend classes full-time or part-time and you most likely will be able to complete some of your courses online.

If you're attending classes full-time, you will be able to complete the courses within about 13 weeks, which will give you about 40 hours worth of credit toward your certified chiropractic assistant diploma.

Classes you can expect to have to complete for your certified chiropractic assistant program include: An introduction to chiropractic philosophy and spinal anatomy, chiropractic assistant duties, emergency procedures, communications, technical skills, law and ethics, human body in health and disease, physiotherapy, and radiographic protection.

Depending on your state, once you have completed an accredited chiropractic assistant program, you may be only required to pay a fee to become certified, or you may have to pass an exam. It is important you choose a school that adheres to your state's requirements to become a certified chiropractic assistant. Even if your state doesn't require certification, becoming a certified chiropractic assistant can give you the leg up when interviewing for a job.

Certified chiropractic assistants earn a median wage of over $23,000 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This can be higher or lower, depending on the region in which you live, the size of the practice in which you work and your level of education.

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