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Nail Classes

Were you that little girl who loved to get all dolled up and steal Mommy's nail polish? If so, then consider signing up for nail classes to launch your career as a nail technician!  This career is especially suited for those who know the value of a quality manicure or pedicure, whether the pampering is for a special event or just for everyday beauty.  

Getting your nails done is a multi-layered process, from sanitizing the nails and choosing the polish color to prepping the hands and feet, to painting, to layering a top coat, to drying. If you want to be a successful nail technician, you need a steady pair of hands to be sure. But there is much more to the job than simply painting nails and staying within the lines.  

In recent years, the nail care industry has taken on a life of its own and is no longer just an extension of the cosmetology world. As a result, nail technician schools have increased in popularity, and nail technician jobs now require specialized training at nail technician schools. Nail classes are the first step to becoming a certified nail technician and landing a job at the spa or salon near you.  

Nail Classes: More than Just Color Sense
One of the first and most important lessons nail students learn is that of safety, health, and necessary precautions for preventing transmission of bacteria. The hands, feet and nails are extremely sensitive areas of the body; it is crucial that strict guidelines are followed for proper sanitation before, during, and after providing any type of nail care. 

On from the germs to the fun stuff: keeping up with the latest fashions and trends and helping future clients find the fresh new look that suits them are important and exciting pieces of a nail technician's training. A sense of creativity is a real asset for an aspiring nail technician. Nail classes will cover the basics of giving manicures and pedicures, but will also guide students in the application (and removal) of extensions and artificial nails. Advanced courses in airbrushing, sculpting and marbleizing free edges, hand massage and paraffin wax treatments are also available. Nail tech students will be trained to speak as experts on any number of other available products or medications to help clients achieve the ultimate in nail beauty. Also on the training schedule: nail repair, identifying nail disorders, and assisting clients with an everyday nail care routine to take home. 

You won't leave nail technician school without training in business savvy, marketing know-how and communication skills. These are all valuable tools for your beauty tool-kit and will truly advance your nail tech career.

Ready to enroll in nail classes?  Find an accredited program near you (the program must be accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences). When you have successfully completed classes and your certification exam, your job prospects are good; the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase in nail technician employment from 18 percent to 26 percent through 2014. 

Enroll in nail classes today!

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