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Naturopathic Jobs

If you want a career in a growing field that focuses on the health of the whole person, seek out a naturopathic job. Today's health care landscape looks quite different than it did ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. The limits of conventional medicine have given holistic wellness and alternative medicine a real boost in the health care marketplace; naturopathic medicine, therefore, is making quite a name for itself.

Consumers are increasingly seeking acupuncture treatments, monthly massage therapy sessions, and taking vitamins or herbal supplements on a regular basis, either to supplement or replace traditional care. A Harvard Medical School survey (2001) indicates that 68 percent of adults have used at least one kind of alternative or complementary therapy, so you can be sure that naturopathic jobs have a healthy outlook. 

Naturopathic physicians view the patient as a whole person; a complex, interrelated system rather than just a clogged artery or a tumor. Doctors of naturopathic medicine (NDs) develop wide-ranging treatment plans that blend both modern medical sciences with naturally-based approaches to treat disease and fully restore health. Clearly, those seeking naturopathic jobs will find a career that is challenging and rewarding. 

Finding Naturopathic Jobs
As is the case with many highly skilled positions, education is necessary to secure any type of naturopathic job. Aspiring doctors of naturopathic medicine must attend a four-year, accredited institution; ND students cover much of the same curriculum as their traditional counterparts. Naturopathic med students study biochemistry, anatomy, microbiology, and neurosciences; some Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medicine Colleges (AANMC) member schools call for more hours of basic/clinical science than the average medical school.  

The key to finding great naturopathic jobs is successfully completing naturopathic medicine college and getting your license. ND graduates can practice in any state once they have met the necessary licensing requirements and have passed a rigorous professional board exam.  

Naturopathic jobs are available in private practices, wellness centers, nutrition centers, or other similar locations. Some naturopathic physicians work independently; some work with other doctors. If you get a naturopathic job, you can expect to work regular hours, but evening/weekend work (and occasional house calls) are good possibilities too. Since most naturopathic physicians are also trained in nutrition, acupuncture, counseling or botanical medicine, naturopathic jobs are diverse and cover the gamut beyond just the practice of naturopathic medicine. 

With your license in hand, you can face the market knowing that the naturopathic jobs outlook is positive. According to the AANMC, about 3,000+ naturopathic doctors practicing in today's health care marketplace; this number has tripled in the past decade. This type of explosive career growth is extremely encouraging in today's job market, where job loss numbers are at an all-time high. Also affirmative for the field, naturopathic jobs are quite profitable; according to, NDs can expect to earn an average salary of $80,000 per year (with some naturopathic physicians earning upwards of $200,000).

Find a naturopathic job today and get on the path to helping others achieve optimal health!

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