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Permanent Makup Courses

Want to leave an indelible mark on the beauty industry? Consider permanent makeup courses and you will be well on your way to contributing to beauty that lasts. 

Permanent makeup has taken off in the last few years and will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come. Although permanent makeup as we know it today likely originated around 1980, some experts purport that it has a history tracing back to the 1800's.  

It's not all about beautification. Permanent makeup may help disguise hair loss or cover up unsightly skin damage caused by burns, surgeries, or other skin conditions. Today's "go-go-go" culture has certainly lent itself well to the lures of permanent makeup; who has time for a thirty-minute, twenty-minute, or even ten-minute makeup routine?  When you leave the gym to head to a business meeting, permanent make up eases the transition. There are a number of wonderful applications for this exciting industry. 

Permanent Make Up Courses Lead the Way
Like most cosmetology or beauty-centric career paths, permanent make up courses are the first step in the journey. Many beauty colleges offer permanent makeup programs, most of which include 80-hours of coursework/practice in basic techniques like eyeliner, eyebrows and lip liner. Students can choose the specialization they desire, and upon registration, aspiring permanent makeup artists get a nifty kit with all the materials needed for their career. How cool is that?  Besides leaving school with the skill sets you need, you'll actually leave with the physical tools you need, too. 

Cosmetology careers in permanent makeup necessitate stellar people skills. Permanent makeup artists should possess great interpersonal skills in addition to their style savvy. As many salons depend on revenues recieved from client retention, new client recruitment, and retail sales, it wouldn't hurt to have some salesperson savvy up your sleeve.  

Once you're licensed and ready to get started in the field of permanent makeup, you can rest assured that the prospects are good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a slightly faster than average growth rate for cosmetologists and makeup artists, with a favorable projection for opportunities in entry level positions. Bear in mind that most beauty-focused jobs involve evening and weekend work, as these are the hours of greatest activity in most salons.  

The workplace is calling for new talent: according to the NACCAS 2007 Job Demand Survey, nearly 75 percent of salons with vacant positions could not find qualified applicants to fill them. This type of job security and occupational growth is a beautiful thing in today's world of high unemployment rates, outsourcing, and ongoing job losses. According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, makeup artists make about $7.47/per hour on the low end and $20.41/per hour on the high end (annual wages fall between $15,530 and $42,460). 

A career in permanent make up is waiting. Take permanent makeup courses today and help others achieve the look of their dreams!

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