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Skin Care Classes

Beauty is more than skin deep, but beautiful skin truly makes a difference! If you have an appreciation for beautiful skin and want to help others achieve their most radiant glow, consider enrolling in skin care classes.  

From aestheticians, esthetic experts, to skin care specialists, these skilled professionals provide customized services to help their clients look and feel beautiful. And who doesn't want to look and feel their best?  With a growing emphasis on health and wellness in our culture, people of all ages are seeking soft, smooth, radiant skin; accordingly, skin care careers are increasing in popularity. 

An integral part of your training, skin care classes will enable you to seize the skin care career opportunities currently on the market. You'll learn how to teach your clients the importance of a healthy lifestyle (i.e. proper nutrition, adequate sleep, stress management) and a fine skin care regimen to promote healthy skin. In addition to administering facials, giving head and neck massages, and applying full-body treatments, skin care specialists will also work with clients to develop a customized skin care plan so that, even after leaving the salon, smooth, soft, healthy skin is possible.  

Subjects of Skin Care Classes
When you've chosen the esthetic school at which you plan to fulfill your training, get ready for coursework in anatomy, dermatology, bacteriology, chemistry and even electricity. It's not all about academics though; many skin care classes will integrate essential hands-on training with the study of these important scholastic subjects. Skin care classes will instruct students in the science behind treatments like skin peels or exfoliations, along with advanced procedures for total nourishment of the skin. 

Another important part of the curriculum for skin care classes: hair removal techniques, eyebrow shaping and tinting, or mask applications. Esthetician students will also learn how to treat serious skin conditions, like sun damage or acne.

Some skin care specialists may be found in a medical setting, focusing on the specific needs of patients whose skin has been affected by a surgical procedure or some other trauma, like burn victims. Medical aestheticians may recommend the best makeup colors and products to enhance patients' natural beauty, so that even while they are suffering illness or injury, they can look in the mirror and smile. Take specialized skin care classes if you desire to work in this unique setting. 

Diversify your skin care class schedule, and you'll be better equipped to maximize opportunities after your education has been fulfilled. Courses in business or even expanding your product knowledge will ensure skin care career-seekers are on the cutting edge of skin care know-how. 

Skin care classes do pay off: the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 34% increase in employment for aestheticians/skin care specialists, both in spas and in medical settings.  Those who become licensed to offer a wide range of skin care services and have honed their skills via skin care classes will fare well and are likely to find more opportunities in this growing field. Enroll today!

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