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Spa Careers

Spa careers are a hot ticket item these days, with an increasing emphasis on holistic and alternative therapies, an obsession with a young, healthy appearance, and a move away from vacations to "staycations" that often include a day or two at the spa.

Yes, despite the economic slump, people are still pampering themselves, and may be doing more of it since they can't get away for an extended holiday. From facials to massage therapy to acupuncture to permanent makeup to hair coloring treatments, spa careers encompass a wide variety of beauty, wellness and relaxation services.

Whether you're interested in just one aspect of spa services or you're interested in a bit of cross-training, spa careers are really heating up. These days, aspiring nail technicians can and must attend a specialized school that focuses completely on nail care, rather than just taking a few basic courses at cosmetology school. In fact, nail technicians can make a career doing just that, if they so desire. This has ushered in tremendous growth of this facet of the spa and beauty world.

More insurance companies are approving coverage of alternative and complementary treatments like massage therapy, reflexology, or acupuncture, or offering these therapies to policyholders at discounted rates. In a world where terms like job loss, outsourcing and recession are at the forefront of almost every news broadcast, it's exciting to know that those seeking spa careers have chosen well.

Explore Spa Careers
People of all ages are seeking spa treatments: services run the gamut from infant massage to beautician services at nursing homes. If you are enthusiastic about a job that allows you to help others relax, achieve their highest level of wellness, and look beautiful too, an exciting spa career awaits.

Another attractive aspect of seeking a spa career is the flexibility factor, and not just in terms of scheduling. Depending on what type of degree you pursue at the spa school of your choosing, there may be a number of applications: hotels, physician's offices or clinics, group practices, wellness centers, home offices, beauty salons, or residential living facilities. You might serve on the "front lines" or in a management role. Perhaps you'll own a salon, maybe you'll serve clients from a home office, or you'll take your spa show on the road. The world is your oyster when it comes to spa careers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the category of personal appearance workers (including barbers, cosmetologists, hairdressers, skin care specialists, makeup artists, etc.) can anticipate a 14% increase in projected employment between 2006 and 2016, and hourly wages range from $7.56 at the low end to $25.16 at the high end. For massage therapists and other health practitioners who may find work in salons and spas, a projected increase in employment tops out at 20%, with hourly earnings ranging from $8.01 at the low end to $33.47 at the high end.

In an economic climate like ours, such healthy job growth projections should encourage those seeking spa careers. Get started today!

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