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Become a Make Up Artist

If you are more intrigued by the make-up artistry of fashion spreads than the actual clothes, you might be a great candidate to become a make-up artist.

Make up artists enjoy an exciting career and life, as well as an array of opportunites -- from movie and TV work to demonstrations at high-end department store make up counters, a stylist who specialized in doing make up for weddings, or a make up artist to simply help women boost their self esteem.

How Do I Become a Make Up Artist?
First, you must choose the right beauty school that closely matches your goals. The study of skin care and make up is normally part of the curriculum at cosmetology school, but cosmetology schools don't always offer a comprehensive program for the budding make up artist.

Some make up schools specialize in different types of make up application, such as bridal make up, fashion make up, or special effects make up for those who would like to work on movie and theater sets. One of the things to consider when you decide you want to become a make up artist is to decide on what type of lifestyle bests suits your life goals. Do you want to work in your hometown? Depending on the size and location, you then might choose to work in a department store, or with brides or even on small theater sets.

Do you want to work in a major city on high fashion models or actors? Then you might choose to become a make up artist that specializes on those types of clients. Also, make up artists who work on movie sets must also be willing to travel to the location of the set.

Once you've decided on your specialty, choose a school near you that best fits your goals, or you might also choose a reputable distance-learning program. You can expect to learn about make up application, history and trends, as well as tools of the trade and will most likely gain experience on customers of your school or be required to complete an internship program. In advanced courses, you might also learn about applying make up for special effects, some hair styling, face and body painting and air brushing. Most states do not require licensure, but you will have the opportunity to become certified through national organizations to add to your credentials.

Begin your journey to become a make up artist today!

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