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Make Up School

Mae West, a famous and most beautiful actress of the 20th century once said, "Kiss and make up -- but too much make up has ruined many a kiss!" Mae's philosophy still holds true today. Learning to apply make up to truly enhance natural beauty, or to conceal natural flaws without appearing to have too much make up on is an art form. If you weren't lucky enough to have a make up artist in the family -- and how many of us are -- you might be interested in attending make up school.  

Make up school cannot only help you learn to apply your own foundation and eyeliner, but you might just learn you have the aptitude and desire to make it a career!  

How Do I Find a Make Up School That is Right for Me?
Cosmetology schools are not the place to find a make up program. While the study of skin care and make up is normally part of the curriculum at cosmetology school, this type of education is for people who primarily want to work on hair. You will need to find a make up school near you, or a respected home study program that can either be completed through correspondence or via the Internet. 

You will need to consider what you want to achieve in make up school. Will the training be primarily to apply make up on yourself, or maybe on friends and family members for special events such as weddings, or are you considering becoming a make up artist as a career? 

If it is for personal continuing education, you might find some shorter courses that do not provide any preparation for certification. If you are considering finding a make up school that will lead you to a career, make sure you inquire about the length of the course, preparation for certification by any professional organizations and possible job placement assistance when your education is complete. 

If you're still in high school, you can sometimes dual enroll in a qualified trade school, such as make up school while finishing your high school education. If you're out of high school, don't despair. It's never too late to enroll into a make up school. Most make up schools preparing you for a professional career do require you to have a high school diploma or GED, or pass and entrance exam and go through an interview process. 

Once in make up school, you can expect to learn the basic techniques of skin care and prepping skin for make up, as well as applying foundation, powders, blush, eye shadow and eye liner, lip liner and lip stick. You will also learn how to enhance natural beauty while covering up blemishes and other skin problems. 

After you've completed make up school, you're ready to dress to the nines and look your best!

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