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Nail Technician Courses

Are people always complimenting you on how beautiful your nails are? Do you have the "gift of gab" and love being around people, making them look and feel their best? If  all of the answers to these questions are "yes," then you should look into taking nail technician courses, which could lead you on a fun and rewarding career as a nail technician. 

Nail technicians are professionals who specialize completely in the transformation of ordinary nails on the body to beautiful little pieces of art. Other qualities it takes to be a good candidate for nail technician courses include healthy vision a good eye for color, and some business aptitude.  

Types of Nail Technician Courses
Nail technician courses are specific to the nail technician profession. When you enroll in nail technician courses, you will be expected to take nail art, artificial nails (nail tips, sculptured nails and nail wrapping), sanitation, manicuring, pedicuring; personal ethics, salon management and employer/employee/client relations. 

Most cosmetologists take some nail technician courses during the time they are studying hair. If you want to do both hair and nails, you should look into a full school of cosmetology. In addition to all of the courses given to help you learn about the art of nails, you will have to take courses such as: Shampooing; cutting; hair styling; applying relaxers, highlights, lowlights, perms and color; facials; waxing and make-up application; chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and bacteriology. 

If you are still in high school, some high school and trade schools allow you to dual enroll during your senior year, providing you have met most of the graduation requirements. However, if you are already a high school graduate, it's never too late to enroll in nail technician courses. 

Most schools that offer nail technician courses requires you to have at least a high school diploma or GED. For most nail technician courses programs, you can complete the entire course of study within 6-9 months. Financial aid is available at most schools. When deciding on the right school for you, learn what type of certification the school offers and make sure it also prepares you for the state licensure exam. All states do require nail technicians to be licensed.

What Can I Expect After Completing My Nail Technician Courses?
You can expect to have to take the licensing exam for your state, which your nail technician courses should have prepared you to pass. Most nail technicians are self-employed, paying a fee to the salons in which they work, although some are employed directly by the salon. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary range for nail technicians is over $9 per hour. 

Paint yourself a new career today by finding nail technician courses that fit your goals!  

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