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Vogue Beauty College

If becoming a makeup artist, beauty salon owner or beauty image consultant has seemingly been a dream too far from reach, then allow Vogue Beauty College to turn your dreams into reality! With eight campuses located throughout Texas and New Mexico, Vogue Beauty College offers six certification programs, including comprehensive courses in cosmetology, manicuring, and skin care. Its full 1,500-hour course in cosmetology includes haircutting and styling, shampooing/hair-scalp treatments, hair coloring and highlighting, chemical hair relaxing and perming, facial treatments, hair removal/waxing, makeup application, manicuring and pedicuring, artificial nails, and salon management.

Vogue Beauty College owner, Charles Oman stressed the significance of targeting training prior to licensure, which sets the school apart from others. "Most school programs take the full 1,500 hours before the written exam; we think it's important to get the state written exam behind (students) after 1,000 training hours, so they can concentrate on their career. The last 500 hours are dedicated to giving students prolonged skills to go directly into the job market."

Gaining practical training in a clinical setting, students enrolled in Vogue Beauty College's cosmetology program must qualify in three of the six certification programs to become fully certified cosmetologists. "Vogue Beauty College far exceeds any accreditation requirements because we've spent 15 years developing these specialties," explains Oman. "We do extra work, so the student can become certified."

Vogue Beauty College's 600-hour course in manicuring involves hands-on training in basic manicure and pedicure, application of artificial nails (fiberglass nails, gel nails, tips and wraps), hand and arm massage, paraffin treatments, oil manicure, French manicure, stain removal, repair work, and salon management.

The skin care/esthetician program entails 750 course hours with an in-depth curriculum in anatomy and physiology, facial treatments, facial massage, makeup application, color psychology, hair removal/waxing, aromatherapy, microdermabrasion, extractions, eye tabbing/eyebrow and eyelash tinting, client care, chemistry, client care, salon management, and other related studies.

Licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations as a private school, Vogue Beauty College participates in the Sallie Mae Loan program, as well as in-house scholarships and long-term financing options.

When asked if "anyone" can enroll, Oman explained "Not just anyone...but we will work with and accept students who demonstrate a strong desire to become professionals." Additionally, he adds, "We not only give onsite tours, we encourage students to spend some time on campus to get a feel for the environment before applying."

As an added incentive, Vogue Beauty College boasts its career services through a 40-hour job-ready training program, full and part-time studies (both evenings and days), and convenient Spanish and English programs. As a vital contributor to humanitarian efforts, Vogue Beauty College proudly participates in the Lost Children Program, whereby all income earned on May 25 is donated to this critical fund. recognizes Vogue Beauty College and applauds its quality standards in cosmetology and esthetics training.

If you would like more information about this fine beauty school, please visit Vogue Beauty College today.

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