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Beauty Careers in the Spotlight

If you're a trained and experienced beauty pro, don't get stuck in a mom-and-pop salon for long. With a little ingenuity and lot of hard work, you could become a stylist to the stars.  

Celebrity Hair Stylist
Celebrity hair stylists are celebrities in their own right. They are trendsetters, sending celebs down the red carpet with hairstyles that keep the cameras clicking. Of course, stylists keep their celebrity clients looking camera-ready at all times, even when that's accomplished by touching up highlights with eye shadow, drying greasy hair with baby powder, or applying hand lotion to eliminate static.

Celebrity hair stylists provide customized, cutting-edge looks, though artists who offer the most expensive designer haircuts tend to have a signature style, like bobs, chunks, or even mullets. For movie premieres, music awards shows, and other celebrity galas, stylists tame tresses and make stars look and feel gorgeous. High-end hairdressing is a definite "do" in the world of beauty.

Celebrity Makeup Artist
The job of a celebrity makeup artist is certainly glamorous, but it's hard work, too. Whether doing makeup for advertisements, magazines, movies, music videos, runway shows, TV, theater, album covers, or commercials, the artist's schedule is intense. Fortunately, many celebrity makeup artists enjoy breaks between projects.

Of course, professional training is critical, since beauty pros need to know all about lighting, cameras, and filters, as well as character and special effects makeup such as bald caps, blood, sweat, tears, and preparing prosthetics and other materials for effects such as bullets and cuts. Award-winning makeup artists are the reason why stars never appear blemished, wrinkly, or shiny. In other words, they're miracle workers!

Celebrity Esthetician
If stars want to reap the benefits of professional makeup artistry, they first need to solicit the expertise of celebrity estheticians. These premier skin care professionals may run their own boutique, create their own products, or spend their time traveling to the homes and sets of stars themselves. Celebrity estheticians analyze the needs of each individual and provide customized treatments that might include microdermabrasion, homeopathic skin care, sunless tanning, and more.

Even the pros attend educational seminars and trade expos to stay up-to-date on the latest skin care remedies and products. As they care for sun-damaged skin, acne scars, and fine lines, celebrity estheticians purify and nourish skin from the inside out, helping their clients maintain eternal youth. Did you really think the stars came by healthy skin naturally?

Celebrity Nail Tech
Before celebrity nail techs made it on the A-list, they pursued training in their craft and opened their own salons. They got involved in everything nail-related, including natural nails, extensions, acrylic nails, and more. Once they became a household name, they could enjoy the rewards of their hard work and dive into a variety of projects.

Celebrity nail techs do nails for magazine, advertising, and fashion shoots and for TV series and movies, so their portfolios are filled with cover shots and prestigious photo shoots. They also maintain the nails of individual celebs. Nails might seem like a small detail, but it's the little things that add up to the total beauty of your favorite stars.

Now that you've been trained as a beauty pro, are you ready to become a living legend?

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