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Back to Beauty School

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I am not a fool!” So said Adam Sandler in Billy Madison. It’s the attitude around this time every year – the summer is winding down and the anxiety of an impending year is beginning to hit some. And to think that you could actually be in this situation as well is even more exciting.

It’s still early enough that you can begin your quest for knowledge at beauty school or spa school and get started right away. Most beauty school programs have classes that begin every few weeks – all you need is an interest and passion in the material. And, nowadays, it’s even easier to enroll when the very possibility of enrollment is right at your fingertips.

A recent article on highlighted a local hair salon that has been in operation for 47 years – ever since owner Judy Gaume began her hair styling career. A weekly patron, Patricia Gaunce, put the very essence of a hair stylist perfectly in the article: “It’s like finding a doctor you can trust,” she says. “Once you find a hairdresser you like, you stay with her. Before I met Judy, I had never really gone to the salon. But that changed. I’m not a smoker. I’ve never been a drinker. But I go to the beauty shop.”

I, personally, am always so nervous to find a new hair stylist. And I know I’m not the only nervous nelly. In fact, most of my experiences with hair stylists have come via recommendations of people I trust. It’s a scary thought to imagine that anyone can mess up your daily appearance. And sure, hair grows back, but we want to look our best all the time.

An interest in styling hair would certainly be a must to begin a beauty school program. But, as I mentioned, this is the time to really follow your desires (no matter what your age) and form relationships just as Judy has.

Do your research and apply to beauty school today!

-Amanda Fornecker


  1. stevie k young says:

    I am looking to get into a holistic career but not sure what i want to do and if i can get financial aid! please let me know thanks!

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