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Beauty Care Regimen Tips

Sue Devitt has her very own popular beauty line, as well as a deep interest in holistic beauty. Many of her products are made from natural ingredients she’s found in various places and finds to be successful for a great beauty regimen. But that’s not all Sue advocates for healthy-looking skin. It’s also important to keep up a good routine in diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. Check out Sue’s recommendations below.

Eating fresh – raw fruits and vegetables – keeps the skin naturally healthy and hydrated and the roughage is excellent for digestion. Many ailments are derived from digestive track issues, liver, and kidney, so proper diet will truly be beneficial, both for the short and long term. Sue also recommends drinking lots of water to cleanse the system and to stay away from coffee, opting for green tea instead.

Adhering to a regular fitness routine is also vitally important in achieving your full beauty potential. For Sue, consistency is key so she practices Pilates twice weekly to strengthen, elongate, and improve posture. Sue also regularly makes time for cardio and Yoga; her favorite discipline being Indian Yoga, Kundalini – a promotion of physical well-being and an expansion of awareness which ultimately transforms one’s life into one which is happy, healthy and harmonious. Introducing tranquility and equilibrium into life not only reduces fatigue and stress resulting in frown lines and skin imperfections, but also allows for some needed personal time each day — often overlooked in a busy schedule.

Sue’s decision to add skin care ingredients to makeup was a holistic one. Covering the skin with beautifying pigments that will also improve skin’s health and quality is something she believes all women deserve and should have access to. Her deep affinity for hydration is evident in her product range. “Our planet is comprised of 70% water, our bodies are 70% water and that is why my 70% Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation is formulated with 70% water. The complementary relationship of keeping ourselves and our skin optimally hydrated balances our beauty equilibrium,” remarks Sue Devitt.

Sue Devitt Beauty is a line of exquisite, high performance formulations infused with powerful anti-aging ingredients, soothing marine properties, and hydrating flower derivatives from nature, inspired by exotic destinations. Rich with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, these products provide glowing beauty and healthy, hydrated radiant skin for women of all ages and ethnicities. Visit for more info.

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