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Beauty: From Within or Skin Deep?

I always agree with the saying: “Everything in moderation.” In my experience, overindulgence and excess are usually a bad idea. For instance, too much makeup will make you look unnatural; makeup done correctly and in moderation can really make a difference. This begs the question of what beauty actually is. And of course, what is going on with Heidi Montag?

I’ve been an avid fan of The Hills from day one. In fact, I started before that show debuted and used to love Laguna Beach (don’t act surprised — you know about my reality TV obsession!). So when I really think about the days of Heidi before she met Spencer and took the Speidi spotlight, I seriously can’t believe the huge change from wholesome Heidi (whose only problem was her fights with her boyfriend Jordan and her inability to stay in fashion school) to plastic Barbie Heidi (who now represents the negative influence of Hollywood and her personality of being a follower).

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Montag debuted her new look. She allegedly had 10 plastic surgeries in one day in order to enhance her beauty and make some adjustments to her body. But my favorite part of this interview was when Heidi said that beauty is on the inside and comes from within. That’s such a contradictory statement. I totally believe that statement, but I do not believe that Heidi represents it. If she really believed that to be true, she wouldn’t be enhancing or “tweaking” her body at the age of 23.

Heidi went on to say that she’s in a different industry than everyone else and she has had to keep up with a certain image in Hollywood. I’m sorry, Heidi, but your fame is skin-deep. And although you may have 30 minutes of fame instead of 15, this doesn’t mean that you’re a superstar. You may not have an addiction at the moment, but what will happen in the next 10-20 years when your body really does start to age?

To me, beauty is accepting who you are – flaws and all – and staying true to yourself. While I am not naive to the existence of insecurity, I think it’s very important to work at taking what you have and spinning it into a positive light. No one is perfect. Not even those who are on the A-list in Hollywood. Beauty isn’t makeup or hair or spa treatments. Beauty is being yourself and not letting anyone else get you down. The rest of it is a way to maintain yourself in a natural (and hygienic) way. Beauty is allowing yourself to be you.

What’s your definition of beauty?

-Amanda Fornecker


  1. Wow, Amanda. That’s tragic really. I got to say if you hadn’t told me that was the same woman in those pictures, on first glance I would have thought they were two different people. I totally agree with you on this too, and must say that if find the early Heidi more attractive. Maybe I’m imagining it, but when you look at the eyes of both photos you can see a change of spirit as well. That saddens me.


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