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Beauty Schools On Pinterest


Thanks to Pinterest, many of us are getting swept away looking at boards and repinning images we like and that inspire us. Of course,   about two 2 hours later, we’re left wondering where the time has gone! Be that as it may, Pinterest now holds the key to getting a look inside not only great fashions, delicious recipes, and fun DIY projects, but also to future career fields. More and more beauty schools are now creating Pinterest accounts giving potential students and fans of cosmetology a glance into beauty school life.

The Paul Mitchell account is the Pinterest board I love the most. It gives you the opportunity to look at schools in different locations across the country! They give you an in-depth look at the facilities along with students and what they are working on. They also offer great inspirational pictures they have come across and are very interactive with followers. Most recently, Paul Mitchell Tulsa posted this info-graphic on the History of Hair Trends dating back to the Ancient Egyptian times!  Take a look below.


Hairstyles Through History Infographic | Paul Mitchell The School Tulsa-Ok

Pinterest is just one more way in helping find the school that is right for you. After narrowing down what schools interest you on, check out Pinterest for some visuals on what you can expect while attending beauty school.

-Vernize Rios


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