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Beauty School Donates Money on Behalf of Students

beauty school donates money to cancer foundationGrabber School of Hair Design located in Manchester, Missouri not only trains their students in the art of cosmetology, but also gives them a lesson in philanthropy! [Read more…]

Salon Services at Beauty Schools

A major part of beauty school is on-the-job training. There is only so long you can practice on a mannequin head! It may seem very scary for students to begin working on their first real clients, but with some close supervision, and a waiver signed by the client, beauty school students are ready to get to work.

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Vitamin D and You

Everyone always says, make sure you take your vitamins, and one very important one can be attained simply by going outdoors. Vitamin D  is produced when your skin is exposed to natural sunlight. Not only is it easy to get, it’s free! Vitamin D’s benefits include fighting osteoporosis, obesity, depression and even the effects of diabetes and some cancers. Plus, it can clear skin of blemishes. Vitamin D in the body is also crucial for calcium absorption so if those levels are off, calcium supplements are rendered useless.

There are vitamin supplements at your local drugstore than offer Vitamin D, but the only reliable way to make sure your body gets the Vitamin D it needs is by going outside. All you need is 15 minutes a day. While you are out there, have fun! Physical activity is key, in this tech-filled world we are living in. It could be hard to pull ourselves away from the guilty pleasure TV show, but get out there, and get moving!

-Vernize Rios


Is Beauty School Part of Your 2012 Plan?

Did you ever dream of one day going to cosmetology school? Well 2012 is your year! SpaBeautySchools.com will help you decide which schools make the cut (no pun intended!).

The site is split into six main categories: massage, beauty, barbering/hair style, cosmetology, esthetics/skin care, and holistic/natural health. This will help you narrow your search to the career path you wish to pursue.

By choosing your career interest and zip code, SpaBeautySchools narrows down schools in your area that offer the services you are interested in. The site features a page for each school with information, so you can do your research all in one place. You can even chat live with a student adviser. You also have the option to request more information from the schools themselves.

Are you thinking of heading off to beauty school? Let us know your beauty school aspirations in our comment section below or tweet us at @SpaBeauty!

-Vernize Rios



Is the Gluten in Your Cosmetics Making You Sick?

For some who suffer from Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestine when gluten (a wheat derivative) is ingested into the body, their makeup may be making them sick. Although gluten molecule found in many cosmetics often aren’t large enough to be absorbed by the skin, molecular transfer can, in fact, be dangerous to those with Celiac.

Imagine putting on body lotion, then brushing your teeth. The gluten on your hands due to your lotion is near your mouth, making it very easy to ingest accidentally. The same goes with lipgloss, lipstick, and lip liner. (It’s been said that women “eat” pounds of liistick over their lifetime.) And don’t discount the gluten-filled products that your significant other uses. (Kissy, kissy!)

According to Kristen Adams, the founder of AfterglowCosmetics.com, which offers a complete line of gluten-free and fully green cosmetics, it’s important to research your cosmetics and body products carefully if you have Celiac disease. (Read more about the company’s  “green certification.”)

Remember, your cosmetics are supposed to make you look and feel great.

~Vernize Rios