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Empire Beauty Schools 8th Annual Future Professionals Competition


Every year Hershey, Pennsylvania is known for more than just its delicious chocolate! Empire Beauty Schools hosts an annual Future Professionals Competition and Expo featuring prizes, career networking and bragging rights! About 2,000 students and staff from Empire Beauty Schools nationwide gathered for a fun-filled weekend toward the end of May for the 8th annual event.

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Hollywood vs. Reality: The Truth about Massage Careers

Massage careers have recently had their turn in Hollywood’s 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, the portrayal of massage therapists is the stuff of fiction. [Read more…]

Deal Websites: The Best Thing To Happen to Beauty

Living Social,  Groupon, Life Booker… All websites I visit religiously. If you ever wanted to get that pricey-laser treatment, or make those pearly whites sparkle, these are the site for you! Within the past year, these “deal websites” have been popping up all over offering a variety of fun services, purchases, and even adventures.

Businesses have been hit hard with economic times and offering one-time deals help boost business and create a new following. Many offer super-expensive treatments at super-crazy deals. (I’ve even gone sailing using LifeBooker!) Simply sign up to your website of choice then you’ll start receiving emails featuring their newest deals. You have to act quickly or you’ll miss it. These sales are so good, most only last 24 hrs. Next step is just print out your voucher, make your appointment and voila, you’re done.

Don’t be afraid to be bold. Many of these deals seem too good to be true, but do not worry, these deals are made by the business themselves, just make sure you check the fine print as many have expiration dates. Take a look at our list below to see my favorite sites:


Have you tried these sites? Let us know below!

-Vernize Rios

L’Oréal’s Airbrushed Ads Banned in Britain

Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington are banned in Britain!

Well, not really, but their recent ads for L’Oréal brands were. Roberts’ ad for Lancome and Turlington’s for Maybelline weren’t exactly risque, but they did show a little too much skin–as in airbrushed skin.

Now, we all know that advertisers are famous for airbrushing the models who grace the pages of magazines–a nip here, a tuck there, some whiter teeth perhaps. But what’s got Britain’s stiff upper lip quivering is the fact that these famous faces were airbrushed extensively–and they were both hawking products for the face: Roberts for a new illuminating face cream and Turlington for–get this–an “erasing” foundation.

False advertising much?

Look, I want my skin to look as perfect as possible, but I’m also not looking for an instant miracle. I get it that some products take time to work their magic. And I understand that companies want customers to realize the potential of what their makeup could do with regular use. But L’Oréal UK stated that Turlington’s ad was “digitally retouched to lighten the skin, clean up makeup, reduce dark shadows and shadowing around the eyes, smooth the lips and darken the eyebrows.”

Um, isn’t that what makeup is supposed to do in the first place? I’m not exactly feeling secure about the promises of L’Oréal products right now. And apparently, this isn’t the first time that the cosmetic company has miffed Britain’s Advertising Standards Agency: Penelope Cruz’s 2007 ad for L’Oréal’s Telescopic mascara failed to note that the star was wearing false eyelashes for effect. Hmmm.

What are your thoughts on airbrushing in advertisements? Sound off below.

–Barbara Bellesi



TSA-Approved Beauty: Travel-Friendly Tips to Fly Beautifully

Lucky for us makeup bag addicts, TSA rules have loosened up significantly when it comes to carry-on luggage. There are still  regulations on the size of liquids and other things we might pack into our carry-ons (even more so on international flights), which is why we wanted to give you the beauty travel scoop so you won’t get stuck tossing some of your favorite products.

Generally, TSA wants you to follow the “3-1-1 regulations” —  acceptable carry-ons include a 3 ounce (100ml) bottle (liquid or gel) or less. A total of  1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag and 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin is also allowed.

When liquids are regulated, it’s best to choose the most important liquid to add to your carry on and leave the others in your checked luggage. Shampoos, conditioners, nail polish, and sunscreen are best in checked luggage because you won’t use them on the plane. Also consider leaving hair spray, gel, balms, and gel shoe inserts for the big suitcase too; those are often frowned upon in your carry-on. When packing makeup, choose powder foundation over liquid, and makeup remover wipes over bottled solutions. This way, you avoid spills and the possibility of having to throw them out.

What’s your best beauty-related travel tip?

-Vernize Rios