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Most Famous, Interesting, and Odd Celebrity Birthmarks

Celebrities often stand out for their beauty and style. But these eight actors, actresses, athletes, and models boast natural beauty marks that have made them instantly recognizable – and often added to their appeal.

1. Mark Wahlberg: Third Nipple

This “Fighter” hasn’t let his third nipple keep him from being shirtless in movies ranging from his recent Oscar-nominated film to last year’s “Date Night.” The former Calvin Klein underwear model told Rolling Stone magazine about the mark below his left pec: “I’ve come to embrace it. That thing’s my prized possession.”

2. Ashton Kutcher: Webbed Feet

Kutcher’s “slightly webbed toes” doesn’t seem to have creeped out wife Demi Moore. He told a British TV show: “When everything else is this good-looking, something has to give!” We could see him tweeting using #webbedtoesrock.

3. Marilyn Monroe: Beauty Mark

The beauty mark on Monroe’s face only added to her sex appeal. An unforgettable blemish like that can make someone an icon. Other celebrities, like Sarah Jessica Parker, have had their moles removed.

4. Cindy Crawford: Mole Above Upper Lip

Much attention has been paid over the years to this model’s unique beauty mark, a mole above her upper lip. It’s added to her look, but Crawford has been watching the mole as it has grown. She told the Daily Mail in 2009: “It’s not something I really like to talk about. But I do now get this and all my moles checked out every year as a matter of course. Of course, it should be an issue we all have to take seriously.”

5. Lily Allen: Yet Another, 3rd Nipple

There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to Allen’s third nipple, which she has shown off on TV. The singer has embraced the mark, which is just below her left breast.

6. Karolina Kurkova: Missing Belly Button

The supermodel bares her body in photo shoots – no belly button and all. Reports have said she lost the belly button during an operation when she was a baby; there is an indentation but no innie or outie.

7. Drew Brees: Right Cheek Birthmark

This Super Bowl MVP may have his face hidden under a helmet when he’s on the job, but when he’s off the field, people easily recognize the hairy brown birthmark on the quarterback’s right cheek. It has even been copied by guys dressing up like Brees for Halloween while girls have tried to wipe it off, thinking it was dirt.

8. Russell Crowe: Mole Between His Brows

Crowe is amazing at adapting to the look of his many roles, from a “Gladiator” to a boxer to a whistleblower to a journalist. And he is among celebrities with a facial imperfection that adds to his look. The mole that sits between his eyebrows, is similar to the moles that grace the faces of Goldie Hawn, Paula Abdul, Eva Mendes, and other stars.

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