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Pennsylvania Beauty School Goes Hollywood with New Special FX Training

special effects movie makeupThey may be far from Hollywood, but for students who attend Douglas Education Center in Monessen, Pennsylvania, a 16-month program can bring them closer to the “horrific” side of show business. A new Special FX Training curriculum, called the┬áTom Savini Special Makeup Program, is designed to help them develop the make-up effects and show design skills they’ll need to make it big in movie makeup.

Grads of the associate degree program are presented with technique and instruction to prepare them for careers with theater companies, cosmetic companies, department stores, television studios, film and photographers studios, special effects labs, architectural restoration firms, amusement parks, entertainment design and fabrication companies, costume companies, computer special effects firms, display design firms, museums, science centers, and prosthetic sculpting and mold making studios.

The four main skill areas covered in this program include Make-up Application, Mold Making and Casting, Animation Fabrication, and Exhibit and Display Design.

And what’s so cool about Tom Savini, you ask? His list of movie-makeup credits speaks for itself:

  • Friday the 13th
  • Friday the 13th Final Chapter
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Day of the Dead
  • Creepshow
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
  • Monkey Shines
  • The Burning
  • Killing Zoe
  • Invasion USA
  • Martin
  • Red Scorpion
  • Trauma
  • Two Evil Eyes
  • Maniac

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