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Exploring Infant Massage Certification

Once you’ve figured out which general spa or beauty field you want to pursue, you can certainly choose to specialize even further. There are so many options in all aspects of your general spa or beauty interest – it’s hard to name them all. For instance, have you ever considered an infant massage career? Who knew that massage existed for individuals of all ages?

Now, you may be asking: why in the world does an infant need a massage?! Well, according to the International Institute of Infant Massage, infant massage promotes emotional health and a nurturing atmosphere. Through infant massage, infants form attachments to their caregivers and continue a feeling of safety and warmth.

With an infant massage certification, you can truly be an integral part in the lives of those just starting their families. And massage therapists are not the only ones who can become certified. In fact, a wide variety of professionals who work with children can obtain their infant massage certification. From occupational therapists and physical therapists to speech pathologists and social workers, infant massage specialists have a variety of backgrounds. However, they all have one thing in common: a love for children and families and a desire to help others learn.

An interest is a key first step to studying infant massage therapy. By researching a little deeper and finding a program that suits your needs (ie, location, tuition, flexibility), you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals. Explore infant massage certification today to get going on your infant massage career!

-Amanda Fornecker

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