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Extreme Fall Trends

As a spa and beauty industry professional, you’ll need to be up on all the hot trends for the Fall season. See what this year’s beauty professionals need to know to keep their clients trendy, stylish, and happy.

Makeup Artists
This Fall, we’ll see lots of colored liners. Eyeshadows in shades of blue will be most popular. Think you won’t look good in blue? Think again. Match the shade of blue to the shade of your eye color, using paler shades for light eyes and navies for darker eyes.

Dark, vampy lips are very stylish this Fall too. Lips will be dramatic so dark browns are popular, as well as deep berry colors. The dark lips are especially good when a neutral and natural look has been created — this gives a more dramatic effect to the look.

Nail Technicians
Also extreme in the beauty industry will be nail colors. Dark grey (a rather neutral shade) and even black are going to be hot this Fall. If you’re not really into the whole black idea, then deep burgundies and rich reds are for you. See more about the nail trends here.

Wardrobe Stylists
To get the most stylish look this Fall, try various shades of purple — it is THE Fall color. From tops to skinny jeans to booties to clutches, purples are a great way to make your outfit pop. But don’t wear all of these items together in purple, for you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy. Accessorizing is key!

Hair Stylists
We’ve seen it before and we saw it at the Emmys on the likes of Marcia Cross, Heidi Klum, and Sandra Oh. It’s the bun — both tight and loose. This style will keep hair off the face, but will flow in a way to soften the look of a completely pulled-back hairstyle.

Glowing skin is not just for summertime. Be sure your clients use the right products to exfoliate, moisturize, and for foundation. These methods will leave skin looking healthy and fresh. Additionally, moisturizers with an SPF are so important, even after you’re not basking in the sun’s rays. Encourage clients to use products that have some sort of protection to keep their skin up-to-par.

You want to get it right for your clients this Fall and it’s all about dark shades and being extreme. So take some risks, work your magic, and if you haven’t already, get started on your beauty career!

-Amanda Fornecker

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