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From the Bottom Up

A strong interest in a career path is certainly necessary to begin your schooling in a particular subject. Particular knowledge, however, is not always necessary.

As I recently sat to get my nails done, my nail technician worked diligently to give me the best manicure. She asked me if I wanted my cuticles pushed back and I responded that I would rather have them cut. I told her that I always liked to get cleaned up the best I could. To this, she responded that she didn’t think I needed them cut and that it was actually not the best to always have that done. This is when I thought about how beauty school and work experience really shapes the professional you can become. I’m fairly certain that before my nail technician started her nail career that she didn’t know that little fact. It was through time and learning that she was able to learn such things.

So is this case with most people. You start your career out with some knowledge and then eventually learn more as you go along. You work your way to the top by working diligently and persevering. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t tough at the bottom, but you have to start somewhere. There are lots of different career path stories. Start your own today and read up on a hair stylist, a celebrity makeup artist, and a foundation expert.

-Amanda Fornecker

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