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Get Creative with Your Manicure

get creative with your manicureAspiring manicurists and makeup artists can be considered modern day artists. Coloring, shadowing, mixing are not just for watercolors anymore. A huge amount of creativity goes into the world of cosmetology.

So, don’t be afraid to be bold with your manicure! The best way to “play around” is with fun, inexpensive nail polishes. I love buying the nail polishes with thin brushes. These are so versatile, allowing you to go from classic french to tiger print to even abstract art! Here are some tips and tricks I found really helped.

  • Don’t rely on the brush to do all the work. Pivot your finger to create straight bold lines, especially when working with your left hand.
  • Make sure to remove all excess polish on the nail before your begin the design, sometimes while you are concentrating on on your nail, a polish glob can sneak up on you,
  • Always have a cotton swab dipped in acetone handy for quick fixes.
  • The most important trick I have for funky manicures is to have a friend that loves funky manicures too! Test out different looks on each other without the hassle of switching hands.

Take a look at my gallery below for some inspiration…


-Vernize Rios

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