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Hollywood vs. Reality: The Truth about Massage Careers

Massage careers have recently had their turn in Hollywood’s 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, the portrayal of massage therapists is the stuff of fiction.

Lifetime’s “The Client List” is a new TV show starring Jennifer Love Hewitt who is a single mom, down-on-her luck, massage therapist who offers a little more than just a deep tissue massage to make ends meet. Janet Benoy, a massage therapist who owns Bliss Therapeutic Massage, worries Lifetime‚Äôs new show will send the wrong message about her line of work.

There is a lot of hard work be put into a career in massage therapy. Therapists need to know every muscle in the body, along with their function. They are required to attend 500+ hours of training and pass a licensing exam. There is also a very strict code of conduct for therapists. There was definitely a time when massages were held at massage parlors and offered much more than massages, but it is super important to remember that the industry — the real industry — has nothing to do with any of that.

Unfortunately, the “happy endings” joke doesn’t seem to ever go away. That’s why it’s more important than ever for trained/licensed professional massage therapists to know their stuff, so they can break down stereotypes, and provide the professional services they were trained to offer.

Vernize Rios

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