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I’m on a Beauty Trip

I’m going on a trip. And it seems that all I’ve been doing is scrambling around like a chicken without a head! When I really sit down and think about it, though, I realize how much of my trip revolves around getting my beauty on.

– My mani/pedi is an essential before I go on any trip or go to a big event. Why? I want to look and feel my best. I want to be pretty. And I like to stay groomed! When choosing which salon I’ll go to, I need to think of a few factors: cost (because we are in a recession), efficiency (I really would like the best nail technicians I can find), speed (I might have to go right before my flight), and location (I’ll save my traveling for my trip, thank you very much).

– I need to get my hair done in the weeks leading up to my trip. I like to say goodbye to my split ends and hello to healthy hair.

– A new wardrobe (or some new things) is completely essential. I want to be able to have a fresh trip with brand new things. I mean, my whole wardrobe can’t be new, but it’s nice to put some new things on when you are away. It’s great for the pictures and fun for me both before my trip (I get to go shopping), during my trip (I have new things to wear), and after my trip (I still have new clothes to enhance my wardrobe).

– Depending on where I’m going and what I plan to do when I am on my trip, I might need to consider what kind of makeup I bring with me. For nights out, smoky eyes might be best. If I am going to some exotic location, I might use bright colors and sparkles.

Wherever my destination, I need to consider all of these things. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because you never know when you’ll have a close-up. Or perhaps I just have a need to look my best at all times. But one thing is certainly for sure, preparing for a trip is great beauty-wise because I have a fabulous excuse to go shopping!

-Amanda Fornecker

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