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Make-Up Tips for Beauties With Glasses

Aspiring makeup artists are always facing different challenges. No two clients are alike, skin tone and texture, eye shape and color are all aspects that are taken into consideration when applying makeup. But for those for whom contact lenses are not an option, dark rimmed, embellished frames have to be integrated to a look since they can act almost like magnifying glasses.

For instance, sometimes lenses makes eyes look smaller. A simple trick is to add some black mascara to upper and lower lashes. This creates the illusion of a larger eyes. No matter what kind of frames your client is sporting, make sure brows are well-kept and groomed. Glasses also can create shadows, so make sure to lighten up dark circles under the eyes with some concealer and add some sparkly eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes.

When applying makeup to someone with dark-rimmed frames, opt for retro winged liner and full voluminous lashes. A smokey eye can also pair well when applied with a light hand. Ladies with thinner rimmed or wire rimmed frames call for a more natural look. Lastly, be aware of how much mascara you are adding to lashes. If the client has naturally long lashes, use less mascara. Long lashes can brush up against the lens and be a total pain.

-Vernize Rios



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