Male Enrollment in Beauty Schools Increases

Male Enrollment in Beauty Schools Increases

As we talked about yesterday, enrollment in cosmetology schools is at an all-time high! With the beauty market expected to increase by $10 billion worldwide, beauty school is not just part of a “female” industry.

This is due to the a change in fashion and grooming trends. Male stereotypes are changing from being rough to being well-groomed. The misconception that barbers are men and hair stylists are women is dying out. The presence of impeccably dressed, well-groomed male celebrities as fashion icons has made it socially acceptable for men to take part in cosmetology.

Cosmetology is a trade skill and there will always been a need for cosmetologist, regardless of trends. In fact, there is a 15.7%  employment growth rate expected for hairdressers over the next eight years. This is projected to creates 98,400 cosmetology positions according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And, of course, US Weekly recently crowning hair dressers as the “Best Job of 2012” doesn’t hurt either!

A career in cosmetology is rewarding! There is a sense of accomplishment you get from having clients rant and rave about a new look. And now thanks to the Ryan Reynolds and Zac Efrons in the world, everyone has the chance to enjoy a fulfilling career in cosmetology.

Are you a male thinking of going to to cosmetology school? Are you currently enrolled? Let us know below!

-Vernize Rios




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