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I’m on a Beauty Trip

I'm going on a trip. And it seems that all I've been doing is scrambling around like a chicken without a head! When I really sit down and think about it, though, I realize how much of my trip revolves around getting my beauty … Read More

Step Right Up, Beauty Folks

Beauty blogging is my favorite kind. Here, you'll get some good feedback from beauty bloggers who have tried out products and are really into what they do. From product reviews and beauty school spotlights to everyday beauty … Read More

From Children to Beauty Professionals

Perhaps it is most fitting that you hear stories about professionals who used to do something that resembles their current career when they were young and impressionable children. Maybe they used to play dress-up and wear … Read More

Revamping a Beauty Career

The San Jose Mercury News just did a piece about a woman who had a dream. Aude Andrade dreamed of being an elementary school teacher, but when she came to America from Mexico, her education was abruptly put on hold. She … Read More

Beauty in ’09

"Researchers found that 63 percent of women reckon they will have to cut back on the amount of money they spend on themselves in 2009. Around 62 percent would rather stop spending money on clothes than sacrifice their … Read More