Bridal Beauty Brings Big Bucks

I went to a bridal fashion show the other night. Let me tell you, there is lots of money to be made in the industry. Here I found brides-to-be, young models (who were actually volunteers), and proud parents of the modeling Read More

Makeup in the Spotlight

Makeup has never done much for me, but I think that's because I'm not doing it right. Makeup should enhance and conceal, highlight and reveal. But makeup on its own is relatively powerless. In the hands of an amateur like me, Read More

Taking a “Staycation” at the Spa

It's late July and I have nowhere to go. No exotic destinations or vacation plans of any kind. It's certainly not for lack of trying. I went into uber-planning mode last fall, rounding up family and friends to convince Read More

Summer Skincare

The weather's heating up, representing yet another golden opportunity for beauty professionals to showcase their esthetician skills with seasonal treatments. After all, the clients who came calling in winter have completely Read More

Beauty Professionals are Surveyed

Nothing is more sought out than the advice a beauty professional can dish out to his or her clients. This is why it is so important for these professionals to know the best techniques for any beauty routine. Recently Empire Read More