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A Slithery Spa Massage

I'll present you with a spooky Halloween-like story. But it will only spook you if you have ophidiophobia - a fear of snakes, that is. It seems that in Israel, there is a spa that gives massages using snakes. It all … Read More

Holiday Hair Styles

For the holidays this year, you'll want to make sure you've got the most festive 'do. Should you put it up? Leave it down? Give it a little volume? And how do you accomplish these things? Tim Rogers, an NYC hair stylist and … Read More

Who’s Got SPIRIT?

Spirit Demerson always loved the environment and wanted to find a way to mix her interests in art and cosmetology with this love. For years she touted the great benefits of organic beauty products, but none of her friends … Read More

15 Things You Didn’t Know…

Did you know that beauty schools are active in government affairs? I didn't either. I've always thought it would be cool to go to beauty school to do some work on the side, but I've never actually pursued it. Maybe I should. … Read More

A New Day Spa – For Kids?!

For my cousin's wedding, her seven-year-old little sister (also my cousin) came with us to the salon. She got her mani/pedi too and was all grown up. But while she waited for us, she became impatient. She didn't want to wait … Read More