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Spa Industry Trendwatch: Part I

The International Spa Association (ISPA), recognized worldwide as the leading professional organization and voice of the spa industry, recently identified 10 spa industry trends. Do these research-driven trends reflect your … Read More

Invitation to a Home Spa Party

Last night, a friend gave me an invitation for a "relaxing spa retreat" at her house. Now, let me just state up front that I avoid home parties as a rule. You know the kind I’m talking about -- the "RSVP-only" get-togethers t … Read More

Pamper Yourself With Beauty, Spa, and Wellness Career Tranquility

Welcome to "A Minute With SpaBeautySchools," where it's all about transforming your job(less) stress into career tranquility. We all deserve to enjoy a career that not only looks good, but feels good, right? And, if you can … Read More